15x Combo - AWM And AUG | PUBG

Managed to snatch two 15x scopes and flop them on two airdrop weapons, the Aug and AWM. Yum.
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  • Edu Gator

    I have watched enough of his videos to know the guy uses an aimbot. The snapping to target when scoped in tells me all that I need to know.Look at the 6:30 mark as his aim follows the guy behind the fence for multiple steps.

  • Techno Vampire-Games

    i'm jealous of how calm You ARE

  • djPavan Gothe

    WHAT!!!!!!!??? " YOU DIED FROM FALLING???? 12:20

  • Daniel

    At 0:56 how does he get that clip in the bottom left? It the enemy's perspective.

  • Harrison Nguyen

    Take the m24 it has more ammo

  • Donald Trump

    I just watched the ad at the end just so you can get sum cash

  • Parker Pritchard

    Put the 2 x15 together and make a x30. See into their soul

  • Joe Jessica

    Its so stupid how you can't put 15x scope on the sawed off, that'd be a game changer

  • djPavan Gothe

    subscibed today :) gud luck

  • Nicth Nay

    I really love your voice.

  • King Bracubear

    You took a red dot over a 2x

  • Charlie Rushworth

    The best thing you could ever imagine: level 3 armour for everything, 15x on AWM with fully attachments, AUG with red dot and fully attachments, guile suit and a pan. Imagine getting that and then dying LOL.

  • Aoi Shania

    Kar98 is better than AWM? why he throw awm away

  • BTS 4life

    I killed a whole squad once with only a pistol by myself and they jad SMGs and ARs

  • 100,000 subscriber with No videos?

    When people see AWM, they must run away

  • G Shirley

    Hey I play on Xbox it would really be nice if I could play with you I’m only10

  • pexlofe jam

    Wonderful day nit lool :)

  • Imran Hossen

    One of your video you said AUG isn't that good.... and in this video you said your favourite setup is AWM and AUG and then you swap the AWM with Kar98k .....

  • NewFailYT Tube

    Tiene voz de actor porno

  • yoo Rezpect

    Nice headshot bro...im from Indonesia..

  • Hizqil Zaka

    Awm bullet is very fast

  • ich_auch

    Aug is the best weapon in the world

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