OPSkins Tutorial - Buying/Selling

Tutorial about buying and selling on OPSkins. Or howto save alot of money!
check out my skins on OP: https://opsk.in/u/18a691
  • -btR-


  • grease boy

    i cant get it becas=use it says my trade url is invalid but it is valid help?

  • Or Elimelech

    Cheapest and Best Skins https://opsk.in/u/7emcm1

  • Nasty

    if i have steam balance does it use that money too?

  • Anonymous CSGO Skins Seller & Price checker

    great video bro it was helpful

  • Le Boi

    Is opskins a scam ? My friend was going to buy an item but it said he needed to give a picture of his buyer and the id

  • Marc Jovin Pedro

    Opskins SCAM me what the fuck is this video I lost 2500 on my master card account

  • Flatmundur 5000

    i used the buy instantly thing, i have no idea how i withdraw them

  • Viv Vex Mounglang

    will my OPskin money transfer to my steam account by any method? please help!!!!

  • 당면은도덕책

    how to buyers club refund..

  • Ali Raiymkulov

    I listed a skin but I want to unlist it. Help please! I will pay for help if needed! I put the wrong price and now no one will buy it!

  • PositivePotato

    Cant you use steam gift cards?

  • Harris K

    This site work anymore?


    So does this work. I add $100 to my PayPal account then go into OPskins and add the amount of money I want then buy. Then I go to buy a knife and this same thing happens? I just want to know if this site is legit and not a scam.

  • C H I L L

    Can I borrow $200 :(

  • Malthe Arildsen

    dont ever use opskins ther are 2,56 procent change to you get scamet

  • Nondrijan Stipljunglec

    I want to add 5 dollars

  • Đạt Nguyễn

    If they send me an trade offer, do i have to confirm it on steam mobile app or just when i send someone a trade offer?


    on steam you check "is a gift",so......

  • gökhan ayvazoğlu

    Op skinsdeki mavi para ne işe yariyor?

  • monster kill

    I just want to save my money in OPskin, is it safe?

  • Richard Yuan

    wait, so if i sell items and someone buys it, it will it go into my opskins account?

  • Dat Potato

    I have my money on a paysafecard ..is opskins workinf with paysafe?

  • Funny Bunny

    Want me to make you a profile picture?. It's Very Cheap and its professional. If you want me to improve on anything, thats fine

  • merlin meier

    where i can finde my trade URL ?


    does it work in the uk?

  • NorthernLeigonare


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