BATTLEGROUNDS The Movie! (Official Fake Trailer) смотреть онлайн бесплатно в хорошем качестве hd 720

Playing PUBG for the first time can be a little frustrating... for your teammates that is...
See bloopers and Behind the Scenes here:

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  • Victor Mshihiri

    I didn’t know what this game was when I watched this 😂😂


    This is like Fornite

  • Mark Justin Vargas

    XD the noob its so funny and cool video

  • jeff 21

    oh my gosh, this actually looks really good

  • 薇 薇

    That’s so funny! XDDD

  • GamerrykeGaming

    Star Wars XLIX 69 lol

  • armen stevens

    what region do u guys play?

  • Aka Semaun

    Level 7 town hall LMAO

  • Jaylen Lately

    "It's only a m16 and I got a level two helmet"lmao

  • tim tompkins

    That's gotta be the best video I've ever seen!!!!!

  • SmasherHeads12

    When is official but is fake :v

  • DumbAwesomeGaming

    oh ffs...they showed wayy too much from the movie...

  • Alan Zheng

    It’s it just more or that at the end Ryan looks almost a like ZackKing

  • JossMan

    One objective; loot, kill, survive, be the last team standing. Now I'm not a numberoligist but that looks like four objectives to me...

  • God Of Calamity

    Watching this makes me wanna play it

  • RedFluffyPanda 6259

    All those fake fan made trailers I don’t really watch...but when it’s by Ryan I watch it

  • Nikita Susidko

    Wow great vid love it

  • Slayer3824playz

    Fortnite is better!!!

  • x x

    lol,this noob so funny

  • DoomedAssassin 132

    Can't wait for the real movie

  • Veeti Vesterinen

    Feel bad for the noob in the start :-(

  • Muaz Mhooad

    It was so funny 😂😂😂😂

  • Thanh Luan

    You are Vietnamese video this is very laugh :))))

  • Jack Renner

    Lmao I heard the china number one in the background

  • Andrew Jo

    Actually, Frying Pan as weapon came from idea of LOTR when Samwise used during battle in Balin tomb of Moria. Also, in L4D2 use can use Pan as weapon to hit the zombies.

  • vit vit

    Dabu dee, dabu die.-Solid Snake

  • John Fitzgerald Kennedy Burma

    Do not prone when helping teammates

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