PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS - The Game Awards 2017 Gameplay Trailer

Welcome to Miramar, an all-new Battle Royale experience.

Available on Steam Early Access:

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  • Joshua Toohey

    Am I the only Fortnite fan here?

  • BIB_G1Fundz

    I've never seen a trailer this good in my life!!!!

  • FelixFTW

    Me watching trailer: HOLY SHIT THIS IS AWESOME HYPE HYPE HYPE YOU CAN DO DRIVE BY SHOOTINGS AND YOU GOTTA RUN AWAY FROM THE STORM OMG I CAN'T WAITMe playing the game: shit dude i suck and all my friends moved to fortnite

  • 100% Gaming


  • Dublabz Z

    so many bugs in game, shooting like idiot , fix this no recoil please. What i shooting in the sky or enemy omg!

  • Iguana Divergent

    Ok. This trailer is well done.

  • Ghetto Mar

    Why is my boy hipfiring an SKS

  • shady the gamer 90

    We need the game in ps4

  • Joshua Dinham

    This trailer is bad ass

  • Laser Bean

    Over 2k rip offs over 50Milion player don't play fortnite lol fortnite got banned

  • XyGamerZ

    The dislikes are from 150 million players of rules of

  • Marius Coman

    Battleground freeze in the black screen with the logo before the start of a game, the only way to use the PC after the bug is to restart it. I pay 30 euro for this fucking game and i can't play when I want.

  • Gream Reaper

    Whos here when this map comming to mobile

  • Victor Roxburgh

    This video is awsome

  • mango bomb

    When is that comeing in pubg mobile

  • ashleybusby31

    Just for Suing Fortniteyou think it copied you they don, t even ride cars why wouldBlame something they don,t have

  • ᴅᴇᴍᴏɴɪᴄ

    Better than fortnite

  • PUBG French Community

    Nice Trailer ;) ! (23/06/18)

  • Gaius Studios

    I'm sorry but it's bad its expensive and its unpopular well a little bit but fortnite is better its free its fun if you want pubg more better make it free fix the game if there's a glitch like fortnite make your fans from pubg happy I want the game but its fricking 30 dollars I mean who would buy pubg if there's other battle Royal games that's more fun and yet free so try to make it free for PC and fix the game if there's a glitch! (P.S fortnite has 3.4 million more players than pubg)

  • Christopher Quintanilla

    They should makes the smaller by cutting out some areas you can't go in to make engagements faster and have more action. Have the blocked areas change in each match to make it more random and I think the game could be more fun, love the game tho

  • Cole Jarman

    This trailer was actually so sick

  • Xandre Buenavista

    bluehole company please put pubg mobile on android

  • Gamer 2.0

  • Bol FromYT

    PUBG is on fire !!!!!!


    NICE GAME 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • ZenTunE

    And then Fortite ruined it all..

  • Andy

    the actual gameplay is nothing like this

  • Random jack

    I thought this was a movie trailer. So real

  • Pubg Highlights

    Fuck yeah boiii were back

  • Killer Vodka


  • メAllas

    I still don’t understand why people love fortnite like what the fuck? PUBG is way better realistic + realistic sounds = legendary

  • animus

    you've been giving epic games KILL UP

  • NewGamer-IL

    I have low pic not very low but low I wanna buy the game but I really want the game run fix so can you please fix lags on low pc

  • iiBEGOF

    But can I play it on my pc????????FPS 1-10 😢😢😢

  • shark 754

    lol now its out on chinese mobile

  • cesar marcelo giguerba laguna

    haha fortnite is better


    20 million player and only 620k views on the trailer---_--- dis game is a lie

  • Kostasft 10

    I love this gameeee😍

  • Nivesh mundra

    This is just not a game its Historic epic moment...Love PUBG I FALL IN LOVE WITH U...Great work TEAM PUBG..

  • Elementrix YT

    Who the fck plays pubg for 2 fcking billion hours

  • Regular Animator

    The scenes in the trailer should the new war mode event.

  • F.B.I Special unit

    Better than fortnite not a single glitch realistic and strategy PUBG

  • Dwayne Geron

    Can you please make this free at 2019 pls i will play dis 20000000000 hours

  • Agar Monster

    Who watch this and dreams this beacuse you have a shit computer with gtx 950 with 2gb ram and Amd Dual Core Processor ×64 bit but is ×32 bit with +4000 i dont now what is this.

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