PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS - The Game Awards 2017 Gameplay Trailer

Welcome to Miramar, an all-new Battle Royale experience.

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  • Mayer Lati

    i m tired of hackers i the game this guy sapwn weapons and start killing evryone arround with aimbot and walls

  • Aleksey Korolev

    Хоть где то в пубг'е у меня 60 фпс

  • Ken Bone

    Fortnite is by far the superior game as in fortnite you can become a Bush well in pubg you can only drive cars,trucks and have realistic gameplay it’s to nice.....

  • Dimetropteryx

    Sort out the shitty underpowered guns and randomized hit reg before you start adding camel toes.

  • Mind Of Aries

    Do not get this game literally plays like a phone game except with 100 people graphics trash you page every 2 second not worth 30 maybe 15

  • dragonrah watch me be terrible and not win!

  • Artiom Sokolov

    Трейлер бомбезный! Нет лучше охоты, чем охота на человека.

  • Ö _

    Still yet to look that good in game, even running max settings

  • ItsYaBoi 70

    I want this so badly

  • mersyndol

    lots of players eh. what about all the hackers you don't tell everyone! 1/3 of a million people caught cheating. What a total piece of shit! LOL No, you didn't make it better than Arma. Hackers and their ego .. lol

  • The High Ground

    2 billion hours played it already felt an eternity when I played it (which is a good thing)

  • Christopher Quintanilla

    They should makes the smaller by cutting out some areas you can't go in to make engagements faster and have more action. Have the blocked areas change in each match to make it more random and I think the game could be more fun, love the game tho

  • ibkillah

    The guy shooting in this trailer can't aim for shit

  • franktate 02

    Who else thinks it looks like fallout 4 nuka word

  • Armadillo

    It doesn't even run this good on a $5000 PC.

  • TheDangerousDucky

    This is what they MAKE it look like. Five seconds later: Banned for harasment by streamer. Just kidding I'm super ready to play this

  • Bruh_Itz Tahid

    Woah! Can’t wait to play fortnite!(that’s is what it’s called, right?)

  • Andy L

    the actual gameplay is nothing like this

  • Asur

    From the trailer it looks like a good action game while everyone is just camping in bushes xD

  • BassBD

    20 million player and only 620k views on the trailer---_--- dis game is a lie

  • Scampstar

    Fortnite copied this game idea so badly. But their isn't anything that the creators can do about it

  • Kim Brendan

    1:00 bad guys' aim

  • fabiocl23

    why the f..., we give awards to early access games??? (btw nothing against the game, just we shouldn´t give awards to early/alpha/beta/unfinish games)

  • Reiley360

    The game should add new vehicle sounds like the ones in this trailer.

  • Caleb Colaivalu


  • Skull Strider

    is this the real channel of PUBG

  • Gernuts

    Soooo it will be optimised for xbox then? Fucking peasants

  • -6 Ross5354

    why the fuck was this game on The Game Awards?

  • INGENNERomg .l

    I want to show the barret, rpg 7-v2 and p90 mine AT with that the game would be more death

  • Aleksander Slomiany

    fuck this game is shit it fucking keeps crashing fix this bullshit for fuck sake

  • Killer Vodka


  • FaithfulFruit

    We need a city map, like with lots of tall buildings to make it look like we are in the movie ‘the purge’

  • a. r.

    why you got to copy fortnite

  • qin bowen

    Over 2M players and 1M cheaters.

  • El Huebro

    We need a smaller map, with more vehicles, and more guns, to be as chaotic as this, because if there was more in car gunfights then the game would be so much better, but just an ideaWINKY FACE FUCKING DO IT PLS

  • D Banks

    Surviving in the desert is fun

  • shroud q8

    Sound in desert like movie logan

  • YouTuberIan

    Please put this game on the ps4 because I don’t have steam or Xbox

  • Joe Makin

    love how on the trailer its showen at 1080p 60fps when on the xbox one and xbox one x its going to be at 30fps


    Playerunknow's battlegrounds by michael bay 1:05

  • Dziri

    Amazing the cameraman survived all that.

  • Squat Channel

    this is not to see before. it looks like a good thing

  • Mc ci velet zehirlenir boğulur 50 krş

    So much fucking crash

  • d3ep spac3

    When will Miramar some to Xbox :)

  • Zubair Desai

    Guess I'm stuck with fortnite theb

  • PackerJack87

    We all can admit: if it was released to Xbox earlier than Fortnite, I can't even tell you how much money they could've made.


    I thought i was watching a Fast and Furious Trailer...Perfection...

  • Mckernel 69

    Shame it’s a terrible game

  • Moses

    Nice makes me wanna play, but I got ps4.

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