PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Xbox One X Trailer (Gamescom 2017)

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Xbox One X Trailer (Gamescom 2017)

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  • 82PeRK

    I dont know if i like or not ?

  • bryce 159

    will probley get it on Christmas

  • Angel Bautista

    Wow , fuck we still got more exclusives

  • darthnaved

    Get ready for the bad graphics and low framerates, fuck you bluehole

  • LeoGaming Tv

    is for xbox one x question have for only xbox one

  • TKerls

    Guys, stop complaining. It is the most overrated/overhyped games ever made. Literally, does nothing that hasn't been done before and it's still buggy as all hell.

  • rizy

    Can't wait for this

  • Ascendant

    Where are all the PC Elitists at? Hiding in your holes?

  • Paul Pazsak

    didnt buy Destiny 2 for a reason..but def tuning into this game.!!!

  • Xymes

    definitely looks like this on xbox one lmao

  • Happy Muffins

    I hope there is cross platform support. I look forward to the easy games when playing against console gamers. It'll be easier than the Asian servers.

  • xPNova

    That's the same trailer...

  • Billyspurs 43

    You(fortnite) vs the guy she tells you not to worry about (battlegrounds)

  • evan froggatt

    great,what it doesn't show is the battle zone shrinks and you have to keep up with it or your dead,no time to stop and chase cars or do tactical manoeuvre's on building, you will die if you don't keep up and when you do keep you will die anyway because the lucky ones that dropped nearest to the battle zone have had more time to grab better shit and they will snipe your ass the minute you run over that horizon, its the best dying simulator going, congratulation's you get one map and one game mode that runs at 15 fps. they failed to mention that aswell.

  • Isaiah

    He knocked the shit out of that nigga with a frying pan😂😂😂😂

  • CurryMeniac

    same trailer from e3?

  • Sixth Igni

    I just Wish Microsoft and Sony Get along and Team up! The Real Enemy is Coming! Winter Is here! Army of The Dead Pc is Marching. Bend the Knee!!!!

  • Chlorine

    Even xbox one x can't handle the shitty graphics of this game

  • Richard N

    I don't have PC yet so I'm Happy I'll be able to play this. Will definitely be doing so on the x

  • WokenWyatt

    Fuck Xbox lol. Make it on PS4.


    Well better buy a Xbox X then


    Only for Xbox one X? or its going to come for normal Xbox one too?

  • A Bean Cheese burrito

    The same trailer from E3 but at gamescon. :/

  • Warrior Gene

    Will this be on PS4? Waiting..

  • johnny sand toe

    but question is can he optimize it right on xbox because we know he cant on pc lmfao!!!

  • Conner Gricius

    im sorry but i watch this game on twitch quite a bit and matches never look this epic.

  • bryce 159

    im an xbox player so ahhahahahahahahah

  • Zac McLean

    I loved the guy at the end!!!


    Why don't shows how that guy drop on land with a bike... :(

  • Chrono Triggered

    .................doesn't look any different than what I've been watching on twitch for the past 6 months....

  • Hunter The First

    Can't run on pc?! Let's make it on console instead of fixing it

  • Micheal Boulton

    Looks algood but least i get last of us 2

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