Easy Subaru Engine Removal - Engine Swap or Head Gasket Replacement Part III

Here is Part III of a Step by Step explanation and a Bolt by Bolt video of how you can remove a Subaru engine, whether you want to swap your engine or simply remove it for better access to the cylinder heads for replacing the Head Gaskets. Which do tend to go bad on these car's quite often.

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  • Dan D

    Awesome series! Thanks!


    12:25 What are you prying on?

  • Biker Guy Toy Reviews

    I think you might have solved my issue for me. I am having a nightmare of a time getting the engine back in on a 2006 impreza. Do you think it would be better to put the torque converter on the transmission, or bolt it back to the flex plate before reinstalling the engine. I have 3 bolts started from the bellhousing to the block, but I end up with a 3/4 inch gap on the drivers side.

  • F C

    It feels great finally pulling a motor out!

  • 240kDatsun

    Hey man I used you ej25 rebuild series and these Subaru engine removal videos to complete my Outback ej25 project. I bought a doner engine which turned out to have a damaged crank and number one rod which I bought new replacements. I was unlucky here. However the engine is installed and has run over 1000klms and is due for its first oil change. It started up first time and runs terrific. Thanks for your video series it helped hugely . Cheers.

  • Edgardo Rodriguez

    I watch your video on changing the engine on a Subaru Outback, it was very helpful. Your explanation and camera work were Hollywood quality, you should be in the movies. I have a question that requires a guru like yourself. The engine that I put in is a 2.0 used from Japan, the original motor was a 2.5. for some reason which eludes me the new engine will not start. If I use starter fluid the engine will run for a few seconds. Normally when the ignition is engaged by turning the key, you hear the fuel pump priming, but I don’t hear it now. I checked all the relays, and all are good. I had a neighbor who is a mechanic for a local dealer check it using a $5,000-dollar scanner, he told me that the injectors are not receiving any signal. Is the wiring harness different than the original? In plugs in without any problem.

  • EVZebra

    Nice video thanks for posting. I have a B4 with a 9:1 compression ratio, I want to drop it to 8.5:1 the diesel ee20 engine has similar head gaskets and is 1.6mm thick vs the twin turbo gasket at 0.8mm thick.So if the diesel engine has a 20:1 compression ratio surely it will be a better head gasket to use in my case, do you think this is possible (will fit) and do you think the diesel head gasket will last longer than a stock twin turbo gasket seeing as though the stock gasket only lasts for around 100 000 km and the diesel head gaskets have to be stronger?Thanks for your feed back.

  • Kelly t

    what a nice engine to let run dry on oil

  • David Harvey

    Mann.... You are my hero, I'm starting to pull my non turbo 2.5 L out of my 2001 forester sport. got a turbo sf5 jdm engine Any big issues you could see coming for me ?


    What happend to that engine?

  • Gabe Hartman

    I have been looking for this type of informative videos for months subbed.

  • Mountain Dew

    Hi there ! You got a new subscriber. Thank you for that video. It will usefull when i'm gonna swap my ej25 to the ej20. I have a question, I own a legacy 2002 automatic and I would like to know if my actual transmission will do the job or if I will have to replace it ?

  • John H

    So much easier to work on than damn VAG cars. I do not miss wreching an Audi.

  • dana44s

    Thanks for these wonderful videos! I will be swapping a 2.5 from a Legacy sedan into a Legacy outback wagon and this helped a bunch. Looks fairly simple - Just wish I had a shop like you.

  • Dign-nbama

    Hurray its out, now down to business...

  • Tyler Lopez

    Can someone help me ? I have a 2002 Subaru impreza outback sport and the #3 cylinder went out. Is there. Way to fix it or do I have to get a new engine ?

  • SuperPsychoterror

    Outstanding video!! Thank you for taking the time to make it.

  • Skampy

    Thank you so much for your assistance with engine removal!!

  • Jack Goodell

    I put a 2001 Subaru engine and transmission automatic N2 and the computer 1999 Subaru Forester the 2001 Subaru Forester transmission does not work and it worked beautifully beforehand you have any ideas that you could help me with this problem please please

  • Marc Clemente

    is this the same process for pulling the engine out of an impreza 2.5 rs 2001?

  • The Chamberlain

    I am planning on rebuilding my 2005 impreza some day. im gonna rely completely on your videos since i lack the knowledge! thanks man!

  • Adam Bertlin

    Thank you! This winter I have to replace all the gaskets. Good thing there are people like you! Informative and helpful :)

  • Rodrigo Vela

    How much different is this with a gt?

  • John Thurber

    Great Video! I'm pulling my EJ25 DOHC out of my 99 Legacy Outback. Your videos are a great help!

  • Cuban Gamer

    so there arnt any bolt holding the flex plate to the torque converter?

  • apachelives

    Torque converter - if it comes out (like mine did) take it all the way out and look for the metal clip BEFORE pushing it back in - it can hide inside the shaft, it belongs on the torque converter and if its not in the right place it will cause all sorts of noises when you start the car later - this applys to atleast gen2 and gen3.Also the metal back plate - iv had a 96 with a metal one and my 2000 had one also (unless they were replaced) however they were still leaking because the screws were loose

  • Dj Fonick

    How do you i remove the battery ?? Jk!! 😆

  • Brian Smith

    So there's only 4wires to disconnect ?

  • Dennis Felling

    Just pulled mine - 2003 Forester, same engine and all of the came steps, pretty much exactly - I cannot stress enought how HARD if might be to get your engine to crack free of the bell housing EVEN AFTER you've removed all bolts, gotten enough mount stud clearance over the motor cradle, and supported the transmission. I pulled, wiggled, levered, dropped and lowered, even put in on of the tolp bolts almost all the eay in and smacked on it with a hammer. Finally, I did use a 1"chisel and a 3 lb sledge. It felt like a very HACK thing to do to whack on a chisel to separate them, but it worked. I'm writing this to anyone else doing the same job as encouragement, that these things can really stick together, and you will have to keep at it. I'd read elsewhere that the dowl pins/locators can sometimes be to blame and doesn't hurt to clean/polish them a bit prior to reassembly. This video is very good in that you show all of the bell housing bolt positions at around 5:00 min mark, which helped me feel confident I hadn't forgotten anything, and it was just time to start shacking!

  • bunchindorj temuujin

    2002oni turbo at forester motor solij tawaid narmail unaad araand hiiher untarad bn yahuu helj ogch tuslaach


    I am about to buy a used like that one on the video legacy wagon l 2.5


    They are good ones?? I test drived and run like no problem any avised

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