PUBG - Optimize FPS - Competitive High FPS Settings - Guide

Playerunknown's Battlegrounds PUBG optimize FPS guide. How setup the game for Competitive High Fps Settings.

Link for the reddit post/guide:

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  • v.r.

    "Competitive FPS Settings - Set Graphics to Low - Very Low" basically.

  • Brian Mattock

    I think it would be helpful to tell people what hardware you are using in your system so we have some context on your selections and their impact.

  • Win Sarun

    I'm running this on 1070 and still have Below 30 FPS It's pure cancer. I'm gonna wait until this game is better optimized

  • TRIX

    fps is higher, but screen is shaking

  • Jumbochook

    You literally copied a reddit post onto wordpad.


    Hello after the "TsIGame" File I dont have the "Saved" File only "Binaries" and "Content" I also marked show hidden files. Please help me.

  • Yağız Efe Şahin

    ı have gtx 755m ım running this game 40 45 fps in low

  • Sean Maritz

    This guy has absolutely no idea what he's doing lmao. He's literally following a guide. Why not just link the guide and be done with it

  • Luke Grady

    Considering your clearly not English i was able to understand everything you said, thank you.

  • Lootmare

    4:50 suck you for more videos? what

  • RoyalHunteR

    lol the description says its Ark

  • Daniel

    1060+i7 i got 30-60 fps at low -.-

  • Smety

    Thanks,my rage days are over

  • Krisser

    This dude is so obviously danish haha ;D

  • Momoko ಠ_ಠ

    Lol the hardware used in this video is more important than those settings on how it will perform, should give the specs in this situation..

  • Lorenzo Morgan

    "Some pro's" Lol the game is brand new, there are no "pros"

  • BlackTT

    Just to summarize what he said;1) Mumble mumble mumble2) Mumble mumble MUMBLE3) Mumble mumbleFiks lige din grammatik m8. Det er pænt cringe når du konstant laver fejl når du taler, men endnu mere når du skriver forkert FX: "♥ Are your girlfriend tired of your mouse clicking sound?? "Bare nej.

  • Isu

    Can you do same for ARK? Best setting for PvP? ;)

  • Avean

    Careful with the -SM4 as it will give you motion blur when you zoom in with guns, and thats not a thing you want!

  • Official Mabo

    Thankyou so much helps alot <3

  • Emil Benzon

    Du har en smuk stemme

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