PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Live Action Trailer - The Game Awards 2017

Check out PUBG brought to life in this live action trailer.

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  • AlphaZeno

    I like the "only on xbox" when its also on pc..... however prob less chinese people on xbox

  • itsriggs

    Well they'd get like 3x amount of sales if they release it for PS4, but I guess not.

  • Lully Pawp

    why do they always show that everyone jumps at the same time that rarely ever happens

  • Lamb Sauce Gamer

    30 second ad for a 50 second video..... -_-

  • ItsDJ Brown

    What if they added someone saying "DON'T PAN ME!"

  • N0mad

    Wheres the realistic game optimization lag?

  • PsihoDD

    WTF with this motion blur, my eyes almost exploded.

  • aZaamBie135

    Pubg is coming to mobile BUT NOT COMING TO PS4 ???

  • ガルシアセシリオ

    142 Sad PS4 players disliked this XD

  • *BURP*

    So can’t wait for this on Xbox been waiting for so little long.

  • Greg Armstrong

    I'm a bit disappointed nobody shouted "China Numba wan!" while jumping out the aircraft

  • TheFlamingTree


  • Discord

    about 5million and more went into making this trailer and used for marketing.... money that could of gone into development for optimisation. smh

  • iTz HAZEN`

    Chinese trailer did it

  • Justin Jeffries

    So...Is the game done?

  • Urairair DuUeR

    Xbox if finally getting a Game WHAT

  • jiayuan chen

    wtf some shitty trailer china even made a better version of this

  • Lagoonz

    X box 1 = 20fps x box 1 project whatever = 25fps my pc = 130fps

  • Warrior Gene

    it will come to ps4 eventually

  • The Sabunnz

    Welcome to Russia air

  • Unicorn Workhorse

    Wtf is this CCTV trash

  • Gabo Cejitas

    Why is the video at 15fps ?

  • Nightchill S

    Too many shitskins in this trailer. >muh diversity

  • Tyler Vick

    This would be more representative of the game if all people were shouting and blasting music in the plane.

  • Admyr 6

    The graphics are amaizing

  • I Gusti Agung Gede Ngurah Kresna Adi Saputra

    it's like a wrong decision to put exclusivity to Xbox 😑

  • Irthiza Ahmad

    They didn't include the bugs in the trailer

  • Eduardo Bráulio

    chinese did it way better

  • Patro 3137

    Xbox don't deserved this first

  • EndZiiel

    Fortnite 50v50 end of story


    Looks like bad implementation of TXAA LOL

  • Nin10

    In case of emergency, the exit is to the rear of the plane. There is a life vest under your seat and remember...TRUST NO ONE!

  • Persona Joker

    The girl playing was legit me when I started and trust me the praying was worth because I got second place XD

  • GoldenPilot

    What's the song?

  • Alenfishman

    now everyone on the xbox gets to experience the broken mess that is pubg.

  • Owen Bunny

    yeah, the graphic looks so xbox.

  • Nathan

    "Xbox exclusive", they said.Been out on pc for almost a full year

  • Brixster

    bhlurg i think i just threw up with that camera work. Who thought it was a good idea to make a live action trailer shot at 15 fps with motion blur turned up to maximum.

  • Tamake Trioki

    Straight up copying Rules of Survival

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