Exclusive! PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds official trailer

Watch the official trailer for battle royale shooter PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. It'll arrive in Early Access on March 23. More info here: http://www.pcgamer.com/playerunknowns-battlegrounds-will-hit-early-access-on-march-23-and-heres-the-official-trailer/
  • MuhRiz Official

    H1Z1 is dota warcraft III and PUBG is DOTA2 Version!AS SIMPLE AS THAT BOI!

  • Favian Ortiz

    Password?? se le agradecera. :D

  • Bruno MaVz

    Ball Fondlers: The Videogame

  • Andy_RbLx Gamer

    every game pubg's trailer looks like a movie trailer

  • Jair Garcia

    Pinche pubg es una copia del h1z1 asi que los que son fans de este juego que se chinguen el pubg no es el unico juego asi y habra muchos.Dejen de estar insultando otros juegos como el fortnite o el de paladins battke royalPinches putos nadamas se quedan con un juego que vale mierda

  • Supaa Dupaa

    This game puts BF and COD to shame...

  • ivR bone

    don't get this fucking trash ass game, if you spent the $30 already try and get your money back . there are SOOOOOOOOo many problems with this game. MAYBE 1 day out of 7 this game will run smooth. i hope someone puts a bullet in the head of the person who controls who well the game runs. this is the ONLY game i have problems with on my pc .

  • Friso Moens

    The most crappy game in history Good job developers, the looting everything its all shit and what are the developers doing nothing bahahahahah

  • Henrique Pipas

    Sonho um dia jogar esse game

  • yendan garcia

    like los q lo quieren

  • Atakan Ataklı

    Yarrrrrak gibi oyun. This game is shit fucking blueball cant fix it yet. if you want 30min loot and die because of fucking server issues dont stop just buy this garbage shitty thing

  • Partylemon Partylemon

    Was haltet ihr zu fortnite also meine persönliche Meinung zu fortnite ist negativ 👎


    To bad that's not free to play

  • waleed nasser

    I have nevedia gtx 350 can i play this game?

  • xwaltranx

    still a fucking pile of unoptimized shit of bugfest. guh! fucking game devs doesn't know how to program anymore.... we want the good old days where the game dedvs was geniuses instead of incel morons.

  • Simon Baierl

    Youre fucckkkkkkkkin idiooooots

  • LittleEonze

    If You want to play a game where you die all the time this is the game for you

  • Eltakatan 11

    vete a cagar hombre, vamos a jugar fortnite!

  • jamie west


  • Ameur Baklouti

    0:33 is that Markipilier ?



  • Alberto Perez

    con este trailer si te insita a comprarlo, pero no tengo dinero y no me cabe en la pc :`v

  • Les Russell


  • ToxicHamster YT

    This us my favorite game, like por that

  • _ Shinooka _

    Little did they know...

  • Gamers Thug life

    Hammer and sickle in 0:43 paused it

  • pro gamer Ejd

    WORST GAME FULL LAG i always die to lag NAD THEIR SHITTY SERVER switching to fortnite and waiting for mavrics fuCk pubg and RIP PUBG

  • Amoklavin

    best trailer i ever seen

  • Alexander Johansen

    Huge mistake not to release this game on playstation 4 though!

  • Les Russell


  • Carlos Estuardo

    Ese juego juego denunció a fortnite odio a este juego 😡😡😡

  • Damien Bernad

    Salut ! Si tu cherches toujours du monde pour jouer sur PUBG, tu peux venir sur notre serveur Discord. On est une communauté multi-activités : Jeux et discussions :) Voici un lien : https://discord.gg/KhyjuSZ Bon jeu et bonne journée à toi.

  • Ignacio Russo


  • SwishYi

    I like how at the end, the m24 has a silencer, but it's still loud

  • Tor Johan Aleksandersen

    This is so much better then fortnite!

  • yendan garcia

    me gusta el juego me lo pueden mandar para jugarlo se ve bacano

  • shaik maazz

    im unable to open zip file of this password file http://filesify.com/WR6JfMhttp://filesify.com/T2BGBecan anyone help me

  • Sheela Ranjit

    Superb trailer!!!!!!

  • Mellopole

    Awesome game, looking forward to play

  • João Dias


  • Ensign Gaming

    @0:36 still that kick animation on opening that door is still not on the game. That's why Fortnite is better.

  • JLV

    If anyone with 8GB ram is getting the memory leak problem in PUBG. Recommended Virtual Memory never worked for me, but setting it to 4000 MIN and 6000 MAX did.

  • Vansh Aneja

    Who want this game on ps4...hit like

  • lil dick gang

    U all have lil dick if u play this

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