Subispeed - 2015+ WRX/STI Black Replacement Emblems

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Replace all those chrome emblems with black emblems to clean up the look of your car. Kevin shows you how quick and easy it is!
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  • Julio Palacios

    Where can I get those tail lights on that STI?

  • Luis Fernando Araiza

    Do you guys have the matte black STI fender emblems with white inlays?

  • loogs317

    where can i get a pry tool like that?

  • Bobby Jones

    I like them, just not $60 like them.

  • Kevin Perez

    Where can I get the front emblem?

  • Fuexue Yang

    You guys are in Minnesota?! I didn't even know that.. Which means I won't have to ship parts?

  • mespenschied

    do these come with blue stars???????

  • ahhdem

    why wont the front/rear emblems work on another model year? are they really that different?

  • motomuscl3

    lmao they didnt do the rear cause its a pain in the ass. been searching or a "plastic pry tool"...whatever thaat means

  • Reid Templeton

    I really hope the Levrog comes the the US.

  • 4estfloor

    I love the STI. But i hate crunching and scraping my front end in daily driving through the months. I barely drive it anymore. and i am still on stock suspension. chargespeed bodykit.

  • Jay Davila

    I bought some off the website and the front emblem didn't fit for my 2017 WRX was very disappointed.

  • nova123

    not really feelin the different badge emblem or the blacked out wording. only like the side panel black trim emblem

  • Naviboy

    so what tail lights are they talking about? looks the same to me..

  • Caleb Troung

    Will these fit on my 2018

  • lazerlazer81

    Why don't you guys offer this in Carbon Fiber, every other emblem you seem to offer is in Carbon Fiber, but this Subaru / Symmetrical AWD Gloss Black Trunk Emblem - 2015+ WRX / 2015+ STI..

  • karn1voree

    How did you guys line up the SUBARU AWD letters. just looking for a good method.

  • Sean Anderson

    @subispeed the pry tool looks like a spreader you would use to spread bondo, would one of those work for this?

  • My WRX Channel

    What's with the new tail lights haha!


    +SubiSpeed will the trunk letters ever be released in red?

  • Jonathan Price

    + SubiSpeed Any tips on removing the rear subaru emblem? There aren't any gaps between the emblem and car to get fishing line/floss into or any tools for that matter. I'm trying to replace the chrome frames with these: help is appreciated.

  • Sean L

    That's really cool looking, but are you kidding me with those prices?

  • James Jaikissoon

    do you guys have the front grille STI emblem ? and install ?

  • Absolute Value

    I cant understand how this is $100 for one little plastic WRX emblem

  • Collin Mooney

    What wheels are you guys running on the wrx?

  • Morales4life12

    When are you going to get more black and red front and rear emblems?

  • Benito Samia

    Are "Pink"/Cherry Blossom Red JDM emblems available for the VA WRX/STI?

  • Isaac

    Thanks for yet another nice product! Do you guys think you could produce a black chrome emblems?

  • King Notez

    Great video , what's the song name ?

  • Richard Mack

    so where did ya get them tail lights

  • Neil Quaintance

    absolutely no way... mine were a complete bitch to come off

  • James Chang

    Yup, a total waste of money.

  • Aloha Lanz

    what did you guys use to cover up those holes on the front bumper?

  • Oscar Dao

    Can you guys PLEASE DO A REVIEW ON THE TAKEDA INTAKE, sound etc, it looks promising

  • tyler4zahnow

    @SubiSpeed how would you recommend to line up the subaru lettering on the left side if it is currently removed off my car? how many inches up from the trunk and off the side to keep it in line with the wrx on the right side. thanks

  • Andrew Becker

    What are those lights on the back of that white subaru @ 5:01? :D

  • Ian Caple

    De-badge it, dammit!

  • Jon

    what temperature would you recommend for the heat gun?

  • Greg Goldman

    These emblems suck, they look super cheap up close. Its literally a plastic mold with a sticker on top. I wish a company made oem style emblems that had different colors.

  • Walter Elkin

    Whats the song when the white sti comes out?

  • billyclub

    the blacked out badges look nice but the price is too steep for some black plasitc... nomasyin

  • aaf1218

    I bet a lot of this stuff costs an arm and a leg. I'd rather take my existing emblem off in the rear and plasti-dip it black and put it back on. As for the front and rear emblems, you can just get the vinyl overlays instead of pulling off your entire emblem. This looks good and all but it's costly I am sure.

  • Neal Johnson

    Tip for getting the factor badges off. Use a floss pick (google it) to act as a wedge for your chosen pry tool. The floss picks tip is extremely thin, after heating up the badge slide the pick around the lip of the badge until it slides under then use it as a wedge to get your wider pry tool under. I hope I save at least one of you a lot of anguish and possibly paint damage.

  • Silent778

    There should of been a black and blue side emblems that would looks amazing. Will those tail lights be for the WRX as well? lol sorry

  • Tanee Wessanont

    Does anyone know what tail lights are on the white STI?

  • Damon Scott

    need those tail lights wtf how do I get them

  • cristian marchante

    Subispeed lol i have to ask again when will the aftermarket tail lights on that 2015 sti be out ?

  • West Brunswick

    what tires were those

  • Justin Wu

    I'm a fan of chrome as long as it's done in moderation

  • Barry matthew Cabrera

    would it fit the 2011-2014 wrx?

  • Fred F

    Does it come in high gloss Cf instead of flat?

  • FrickenHamster

    Hey, I got the front and back emblems, and I've been trying to take the stock off. I can't find a plastic pry tool like the one in the video. All the ones online seem to be for either phones or paint or upholstery. What pry tool should I use?

  • Defenderofthe2nd1979

    putting these in my 16 rex today..wish me luck, lol

  • eagle62001

    Where can I get those tail lights? They're awesome!

  • Brennan O

    where did you get that exact pry tool

  • Ditta & Dumont

    Any update on those tail lights on the white sti?

  • Trevor Nhan

    Gloss black or Matte black side emblem overlays for WRB WRX?

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