No brake lights! Subaru impreza. wiring nightmare

Dangerous situation, no brake lights.sorry for the poor rushed quality, i wanted to squeeze something in for you guys between all the moving and whatnot, this was recently at another garage and had the brake light switch replaced.1997 Subaru impreza outback sport. this turned into an adventure to say the least, had to dig past all the after market #### add on's just to start my troubleshooting. in addition to some other shadiness. i believe we got it. hope you enjoy
Ps. thank you Tammy for the help, office is looking great!
  • joeandgod1

    As an electrical auto mechanic, I love watching these kind of videos, hopefully you can do more on electrical system diagnostics

  • Chris Freemesser

    Aftermarket garbage installed by people who don't know what they're doing. I don't envy real mechanics like you that have to deal with that! At least the wiring on a car of that vintage is fairly CANBUS garbage to make the diagnosis 400% more difficult.As for the painting, paint the trim first (slightly overlapping onto the walls), then paint the walls. It's a LOT easier to do the cutting in on the walls than it is on the trim. Like the colors too...that office will be looking sweet when it's done.

  • Hayward's Automotive

    It'll get there one room at a time.

  • PDSVIDEO1966

    Hi Will,liking the new shop,any plans to put in an inspection pit?if so there's a how to video to make.

  • Dohn Joe

    You definitely need a wireless microphone with you because the sound is poor and picks up the cave-like reverberation of the rooms. Also zooming on things you do at the bench will help. I couldn't see much of that brake switch. Not that I don't know what is inside. I'm talking about filming technique. Perhaps mounting a tripod above the bench will help.

  • winterskysteve

    Great video Will, good luck with the new shop.

  • robert mullen

    Thanks for video like your vids

  • roadkill5333

    Thanks for the vids. I use them for mostly entertainment, but appreciate the educational aspect too. I once chased a similar issue, not having power to a light. Checked the fuse first, had power, not blown. But after a little hair pulling and head banging I found the terminal on the fuse was a touch loose, and had corrosion! I eventually pulled out the fuse, and put it back in, and voila! It worked! I then found the loose fit and corrosion. After a bit of cleaning and tightening, all was well! But it took a while to realize what the problem was. After that, testing fuses always includes pulling it, and checking for issues there, before going forwards. Best of luck on the new facilities!

  • 22video11

    Thanks, missed seeing your videos they are always most informative.

  • Peiró x

    thank you, all these videos help us a lot to solve the specific problems of our subs here in Brazil.

  • aLeehiLove

    Hi in having trouble with my subaru impreza 2013 the tail lights wont work i already chabge the bulbs and the pedal sensor and they still out i check all the fuses and they are fine any advice??

  • Duncan MacKenzie

    Gawd! What a friggin' mess man! Some people, I yell ya. Good fix. i'd a been jumpin' up and down spitting wooded nickels seeing that Thanks for the video. Like the office better. I carpentered for a while and the motto for some of the guys I worked with was "paint and putty are a carpenters buddy".

  • ketcamaro

    What part of PA you live in north central Tioga Co...........

  • wysetech2000

    Well done as usual. A little paint really helps.


    Wow , that was a mess . Ha probably $99.99 free installation. Good fix buddy.

  • 22video11

    Hey Will,When you remove junk from cars equipment with aftermarket items, do you get the customers OK beforehand. Just wondering

  • anthonyb86

    So so easy to say aftermarket wires are the issue take them out and it not be a issue if you was a real tech in a shop you wasted 45 mins and lost money

  • ManicMechanic007

    Place looks good. Electrical problems are like puzzles, challenging yet rewarding.

  • Jakob Jozefsson

    great job :) I have a problem with my impreza 97 the the brake light switch it's Ok , brake lights working but the 3rd brake light not working :/ i think that the wire is broken somewhere .. possibly can it be ..

  • Paul VW

    Great vid as always, like the shop plenty of room.

  • ShawnMrFixitlee

    It sure is amazing what folks will do with wires and tape .. UGH ! good repairs Will ..

  • Cooll Asice

    Great repair and video, but more CLOSE-UP shots would be much easier to see. Thanks.

  • Tim webb

    Great video shops coming on great

  • klc317

    Shop looking nice! And yea, nothing worse than junky aftermarket stuff wired into a car. Just makes a mess of everything....drives me nuts

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