Top 50 Most Viewed Twitch Clips OF ALL TIME! Part 4

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Top 50 Most Viewed Twitch Clips OF ALL TIME! Part 1

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Live Streamers in this video from first to last:

Most Viewed Twitch Clips OF ALL TIME - Top Gaming Fails, ultimate twitch fails, Live Stream Fails / Twitch Highlights and funny gaming moments
  • Islamic Cuck

    i dont get the height one with tyler

  • Rookie Slax

    that guy with the gun... holy moly , glad im not living in the states

  • templargfx

    I seriously doubt the claim that these are the most watched clips of all time

  • Squwerl

    Where's Dr disrespects clip with 1 million views

  • Shiva rides Cthulhu

    these stupid whores are so fucking pathetic i don't want to be sexist but the way they are acting is so stupid and for anyone with a healthy sex drive this just comes off as gross. you have to be such an isolated, borderline asexual, totally sexually withdrawn person with NO UNDERSTANDING or REAL EXPERIENCE with sex to find this stupid bullshit behavior attractive. oh my God it's so pathetic and just strange and not at all connected to any kind of reality... it is so sad that you let this toxic imagery and stupidity into your fucking brains. this is what sells? fuck all of you, you are so fucking disappointing to the concept of human potential itself.

  • LTSpurling1

    so wait, why is Mia there?

  • Chuck Osram

    my favourite moment 8:06

  • coohippo

    What the hell is going on with those penguins??? Lololololololollo

  • James Catchot

    9:38 What brought you here.

  • Dirty Weeb

    She's tall and white 100% played volleyball

  • Mindflayer86

    After watching the fourth part, i finally realized, i could have just jumped to the end.

  • gavin gamer


  • airraptor

    whole video was garbage until 9:38 then good until 10:02 and garbage again

  • Evan needs

    Am i supposed to get a boner from this?

  • Agustin Rizzo

    9:38 BEST SOFT PORN I'VE EVER SEEN.Wait no, It was at 9:30

  • happy

    reckful is such a fucking idiot haha

  • Kalimer Grog

    7:33 is that Danny DeVito in the corner? =D

  • Baati Nagawo

    Why is that guy Soda even doin anything with Mia Khalifa?

  • 0xAcoNx0

    9:38 is what you looking for, the thumbnail

  • Booqueefius Johnson

    That car crash was fucking terrible, take it out.

  • Roman Lewandowski

    I invite you all to the site G2A Some games you can buy up to 90%, especially on weekend specials. Check it out!!!

  • Sonedia De

    ohh, Mia Khalifa at the background -

  • Doom Guy

    2:53 then go get some paint and putty you fucking loser bitch.

  • FlightyGFX

    I'm Livstreaming rn // I'm worth it ;) ' CSGO" Please check me out

  • Tomáš Bouzek

    I love those last two :-)

  • Vahlon- 9 arts dragon

    My man at 8:06 was about that action lmao

she thought her stream was off...
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