NEW 15x Scope and Emotes! | PUBG

So they reworked a ton of cool stuff, including the 2x, 4x, 8x and 15x scope. They even added some awesome emotes to express your bad manners. Anyhow check the full patch notes here:
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  • Viking2797

    Seriously. This game doesn’t need emotes. People are just going to be toxic with them

  • Stan

    How did you zoom in with the scope in the beginning?

  • Jesus The_One

    you left a lv 3 backpack... feels bad man

  • Zayx

    We dont need fucking emotes, we need optimization fucking BlueAssHole >:v

  • Wasted Gorilla

    lerv you and aculite to death, buy would wish youd post the 100:3 win rate that you do not show. you fucks.

  • Tyler TR

    1.... 15x scope is not new You can zoom in and out dumb fuck hahahaha

  • ZakziP

    the sound from him at 11:10 XD

  • Son Goku

    I just want some new shit on Xbox pubg. We only have 3 crates and the same map over and over.

  • Enrique Lopez

    PUBG is slowly turning into H1Z1, won’t be surprised if the next update removed vehicle fall damage 🤔

  • pig pig

    Lol what are people so mad that they added emotes . I'm sure it wasn't that hard and they didn't use a lot of resources to do it . And yes they did get the idea of emotes from fortnite but fortnite got the idea for the whole fucking battle royals game mode from pubg ,"but pubg wast the first battle royals game ever made " . Well fortnite isn't the first game to include or even popularize the idea of emotes.

  • Corsgirl YT

    i can already smell the new pubg memes

  • Ukn Nig

    Fucking moron with cheat peace of shit! Die bitch!!!!!!

  • Tyler / Nezh

    "Fortnite copies pubg"

  • Daryl Ramos

    The Undertaker emote was the best lol

  • Frostkung ch

    How​ To​ do​ Emote i​ am​ so​ curious

  • Rosko

    Came for the review. That ending was epic!! Well done sir 👌🏼😂

  • Ethan Bretz

    People used to be like fortnite just wants to be like pubg but now pubg wants to be like fortnite

  • Ben Myara

    Stop with this voice over shit! Be a real man and do some live commentary! Fucking noob

  • Colvin Huber

    I mghtbe this good if I could ever finda gun

  • Ian Thewhite

    Wait no damage took sus

  • Andrew Fox

    I think the black haze you see on the scope while scoping in is to simulate the interior wall of the scope. Which actually happens when you look down a real optic.

  • SrLump _

    Que botão tem q apertar pra usar os emotes ?

  • The Geeky Nerd

    The scope "Loading" effect is meant to be more realistic, the black is actually the magnified view of the inside of the scope while your character lifts the scope into his field of view. It's not necessarily the right way to go but it's definitely more realistic if you have looked through such scoped in real life. The only problem is it stops quick scoping which makes me sed ;l

  • Ivan Neal

    The black “loady” thing happens in real life when looking through a scope it’s when you’re lining up the lenses, supposed to be more realistic right lol?

  • Etsha Magenta

    is that lvl3 backpack 9:24 ?? lol u forgot

  • Born 4 A thing

    That's how scope look like

  • Enes Bektaş

    im so triggered how you loot everyone like deadass i mean you have everything

  • Midnight Snack

    How do u up the emote menu...

  • Gryphyn Taylor

    When the scope does that, it’s not a “loading thing”, you’re acquiring the sight picture, when you look at a scope from an off angle you’ll just see the inside of the scope, so as you’re bringing it up to your eye, it takes a second to get the sight picture, i personally like it as it adds an element of tactical realism to the higher mag scopes:)

  • Yanu Amandayu

    how to use emotes in pubg mobile ?

  • Carson Leischner

    That black in the scope at first will be really annoying for quick scoping now and peeking quickly ...

  • Music Covers

    Hey man, can u do a face cam vid?:)

  • GuguGugu

    Yooo pubg gonna wreck fortnite and revenge 😂😂

  • Pol Rango

    now its time for em lazy ass to blend the emotes with the weapons in your hand and xit like that.btw, hella weak animations.. lel

  • Paul McDaniels

    That's what it looks like when you pull up a scope in real life.

  • TrebleD3AD

    as someone who shoots for leisure with a scoped rifle, the scopes are a lot more realistic now, only thing left is to implement multi-point rendering like insurgency or verdun.

  • ◔siris

    Plane got doppler effect added to it. Sounds so great.

  • Imlegend 344

    In your opinion is different bad

  • Said Hr

    The emotes can make a funny moment 😂omaewa mo sindeiru

  • George Kanellakhs

    they copy fortnite with the emotes

  • mlproplayer

    Yet they still havent added a map selector

  • mario megale

    the clapping emote is fucking hilarious

  • Nikos Kynigopoulos

    Tfw people have 0 idea about how scopes work. That black "loading" when you zoom is the exact same effect that happens when you use a scope on a real weapon. The black sphere is just your eye looking at the black inside of the scope, until you are able to adjust your eye to see through the middle of the scope.Then it goes away.

  • Wasted Gorilla

    Do not be a fortnite fuckboy.

  • Lucas K

    These emotes are fucking trash. No wonder people are playing fortnite. Better emotes, more playful and dynamic, better dev team. Oh, and it's f2p

  • Tuukka Harakka

    Does anyone know or remember the game named of battlefield heroes?These emotes is remembering me about the game and the game was fucking lit.But the game dissapeared because it got deleted#toomuchnostalgia <3

  • sky watcher

    Shut the fuck up man youre talking tooooo much

  • Otw St

    The old 8x was way better somebody alse noticed some weird blue Filter while scoping with more then 4x

  • Dániel Nyiri

    What button is emote?

  • Nhan An

    Can you tell me how to use it

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