Nasty Shots! - Minitage (PUBG Mobile)

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  • NO more

    Noah try it on your pc dud

  • NickGamingHQ - Minecraft and more

    What phone are you using?

  • R3X 2727

    Join this PUBG Mobile tournament with good people and there's a prize in the end... 100$ - 1000$ and we need more people to have more teams and more challenges, many youtubers will be here. Good luck and have fun !! the first link is the new discord and the second is the older one which will be deleted after the new one is finally done xD. COME TO HAVE FUN AND MAYBE WIN MONEY $$$ Also you can invite anybody you want ;)

  • Joseph Julio Panlilio

    May pilipino si tigastite

  • Rules Of Survival Company.

    Did anyone notice the 2:51 the name is TigasTite hahaha any filipino here like thid

  • Wakiyan Syante Kelana

    Dude ur awsome pls add me my name is lonewolfX


    Hey noah plz can you p ay more Pubg Mobile

  • Julius Van Adrian Mosca

    Noah, please try playing PUBG Mobile in PC using Tencent Gaming Buddy.

  • David Gaston

    Bro stick to PUBG you are beast bro

  • Tra Thip

    Why u don't play PUBG on pc

  • Unknown

    2:55 only pinoys will know

  • PewDiePie Felix

    0:34 is that a 15x? If that is a 8x than why does yours look different than mine on mobile?

  • Lelea Toeze

    Wow Noah I just want to be when I grow up

  • 1 2


  • HaRoMai YT

    Noah is good in PubG WOW

  • Mariepet Sarsaba

    was he playing on ios or android

  • Billy Sebastian

    Noah add me in PUBG my is Billybhoys

  • James Espina

    Pls noah your my idol give me a gaming phone my phone only have a 1 gb ram pls pls pls

  • Erdi Bey

    Noah, which phone you are using

  • 1 2

    2:50 lol Tigas Titi Translation strong Penis Hahahaahaha

  • Myruls_ 26

    Noah..I'm your fans..You very good in gaming

  • 75 Pieces

    I like how your reaction hooooo hahaha

  • DDgamer 1

    All u guys are trash at pufg

  • strikerfromyt

    At 2:50 the guy he knocked out named tigastite , his name is in Filipino. LanguageIt means hard dick(tigastite

  • Rey Jefferson Bobier

    Nice seeing you play the "real" battle royale

  • NO more

    Dud play it on ur pc with tencent emulator u will lov it

  • Cerdrac Destine

    Does he realize that’s he’s playing with bronze and bot players

  • LGoony GT

    Dude play pubg in pc! Pubg in mobile has 70% bots

  • Pogi Ako

    at 3:49 you can see thru the door? what is that?

  • Jacob Lakari

    Your like Dead pool but dead pool uses pistols because u are a god at sniping

  • ZmyS -

    What's his cell phone????


    Noah i play pubg mobile too i going to friend my name is titortheking

  • Renzo

    2:54 "TigasTite" amputa HAHAHA

  • WhenIgetKilledByNinja Oof

    I’m a nasty sniper too, but for some reason the AWM is always a 2 shot from me

  • Hatty XD

    Le gars est beaucoup trop chaud en plus il est sur mobile il fait des 20 kills par partit alors que moi je galère à en faire 10

  • Ken Erick Madeja

    pubg is the most easiest game ever!😎

  • Sanjoy Hembram

    What is your sensitivity?

  • andre parker

    This 8x scope is a bit different.Why is it so??

  • ItzAndre

    Thats XPERTHIEFS thumbnail from his pubg video

  • Lerdie Candare

    You are awesome noah you are my idol from philippines


    Your a great player noah

  • GhostGamer

    is this guy is from another planet?

  • Samuro Gaming

    You are Good sniping Noah Lodi!!!!

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