Nasty Shots! - Minitage (PUBG Mobile)

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  • Daniel Bradler

    Wow you have really crazy good sniper skill

  • Paul Gesite

    Love your pubg mobile vids bro.Wish more vids to come.I'll support you.More powers to come



  • Victrajabesh Jervoso

    Imagine if Shroud was there playing.

  • Govin Baraik

    shroud of pubg mobile

  • Federico Genghi

    Hi Noah my record of kill in this game are 16 and I have the screen shot

  • Colded Heart

    Noah pubg studios sent me a email that I am the 5 topest pros and I said what and my goal was to reach level24 whenni am 12 and I keep level

  • Nico Perejev

    2:00 pre-celebrating

  • Evil Gamer

    My first fight in squad is a winner winner chicken dinner and i am first place i am level1-level5

  • World with tanks Gaming

    i like when he make this videos i hate rules vids.


    Need more pubg mobile videos

  • Hogapova123 Gaming

    The silenced m416 sound lmao XD

  • Joshua ao

    My highest kills is 23 in solo

  • Lit Reviews

    Oh you killed me before in pubg mobile

  • sat lao-ay

    this guy is a shroud of PUBG mobile

  • axe mathew sulpico

    3rdKazekage is watching naruto its obvious by its name hahaha naruto

  • JerichoFromYoutube

    I wish I have a gaming phone.

  • Kuzuki • Bullet Force

    I find your rival Ibensk and Beachbanana

  • Beast Gamer 64

    What happened to bullet drop?

  • beta wolfy

    Noah can I add you as friend

  • Blake X Max

    Head shot king I am just speachlesa

  • Christopher Perry

    Spelled montage wrong

  • Sixlea G

    The power of hig spec phone


    ben daha güzel oynuyorum âmâ izlenmiyirum 💔

  • 王建平

    Holy shit!!! Ur the sniper god!!☠🔫

  • Patrick Hogue

    Yo everyone, I've been wondering if it's possible to connect my ps4 remote to my samsung for pubg. Will that work? Idk

  • Lit Reviews

    That modair shot is sum epic shit u would see in PC version

  • PubgPlayer1

    Can i play with you?

  • Kaziyah Johnson

    Your so sick at this game they are going to think you're a hacker

  • NonStrike 37

    So Many Kill With Kar98K

  • Aries 101

    I am better you aren’t even that good

  • Wiliam Tang

    One time I was on a mountain I shot my kar98 by mistake and killed someone once, that's my best shot

  • Colded Heart

    Well I go0et good loot sometimes and last night april,14 2018 I got a SVD and The best smg in game and been a sub since you got 230k subs

  • Keanu Estuesta

    Try to play pubg in pc

  • pozz only

    Add me pleaeses name Malykh


    You are my idol noah

  • Andrei Wolf

    How do youre gamepad looks like that

  • Liam John Sandiego

    Noah is like a boss on sniper

  • Hans Lastner

    where do you find all these snipers bro literally every game

  • alex jr Gamer

    Thx noah your are awesome 😁🔥😎😘

  • MavElixir22

    those shots are nasty tho, how do yu aim like that?! yu like shroud

  • Azan Maddik

    Gdjob bro. . Nice shot

  • Young Redneck

    What’s your Pubg name ?

  • Search And destroy

    I was in the one that you shot at me in the bus stop I was trying to hide there and when I got here when I saw somebody on the building and I try to shoot them but then you killed me

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