Nasty Shots! - Minitage (PUBG Mobile)

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  • RpGTime GT

    Noah try to download pubg mobile on your PC

  • Mvp Gaming

    Let's play pubg mobile plssss

  • strikerfromyt

    At 2:50 the guy he knocked out named tigastite , his name is in Filipino. LanguageIt means hard dick(tigastite

  • Christian Carl Bihag

    2:50 only Filipinos can understand his/her name 😂

  • GhostGamer

    is this guy is from another planet?

  • Jayden Palmer

    I have 347 wins on mobile

  • THE DREAD Gaming

    awesome play more why did you stop uploading pubgm

  • ahvenxd growtopia

    wow u good snipe on PUBG

  • Pamela Mae Diaz

    Wow the pubg mobile is hacked

  • Charles Dynasty

    2:52 Noah: Knocked out TigasTite with SCAR-L.Only Filipino will understand it😂😂😂😂

  • the phoenix gaming

    you knock out tigastite hahah

  • andre parker

    This 8x scope is a bit different.Why is it so??

  • Gaming with Dipu

    My current favorite gun is kar98k

  • Carters Cinema

    Can we play together

  • MR. PAUI

    yo noah is unstoppable!! on that awm!!

  • AlphaStrikesBack

    Your m4 and scar barely kicks, speculations

  • David Avott

    I missed those moments when the kar98k was in the old map :l

  • Gem Karlo Cagais

    whats your ign in pubg mobile noah


    You kill the filipino player the name player you killed TIGASTITE 😂😂IM FILIPINO 😂😂😂

  • Zeetrox_HOUR


  • johnryllphfromyoutube

    2:52 wtf filipino means tigas tite english you want fucking

  • john campos

    You should be the one joining PWK.

  • James YMT

    Yeah u play pugb Noah U are Awesome

  • Legend Playz

    U r the mobile version of shroud

  • Silver L깺²

    Hey noah. Bạn có thể chơi PUBG MOBIE PC được không ?

  • David Gaston

    Bro stick to PUBG you are beast bro

  • Pandall Gaming

    Am i the only one noticing that he only shoots on the left?

  • Gon

    So pro buddy, love you 🇨🇳

  • Catch Meme

    Bro which phone ate you using?

  • Pamela Mae Diaz

    Because noah is cheating

  • Benderson The minecraft player


  • michelle solis

    I will add you to my acc named mhonbebesolis

  • Anu biss

    Can u add me noahMy Ign is iAnubiss

  • JohnFromYouTube YT

    My game is no shadow

  • MR. PAUI

    to be short he is unstopablle on the sniperss!!

  • Ezreal main Main

    Let's play PUBG MOBILE

  • DNA max


  • NSK GP

    Noah:ooooooooooooHawnest:can you just come down

  • Dead Pirate11

    What recorder did he used?

  • Adam dicen

    Hahaha 2:45 tigastite


    Give me your facebook id you are very fast to play with you

  • James Shook

    ouuuu ouuuu OUUUUU BABY

  • Ezreal main Main

    Let's play PUBG MOBILE


    Hey noah plz can you p ay more Pubg Mobile

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