Playerunknown's Battlegrounds SSD VS HD

Pc settings:
16GB 1600
i7 4790k
GTX 1080 TI
Seagate ST2000DM001-1ER164 (HD)
  • RX4D

    16GB RAM? you retard

  • LCP

    PUBG is naturally a very glitchy game. Prob suits an SSD much better.

  • 10 Billion Subs - Apple Shill

    this game, everything ultra, it loads fine on wd black hard drive at 3440x1440 screen res. on ssd, I see nothing but getting into the lobby quicker, it doesn't get you out of the plane quicker, and no trouble driving around. had to put arma 3 on ssd, as that is a big improvement, but this game, leave it on hdd if you have a good one.

  • Swaggut

    My pubg takes like 1,5 mins to load so i cant see where i will drop sooooo here i come ssd

  • zlReckLesS xPH

    is 250 gb samsung 850 good ? i have nvidia GTX 1060 6gb i5-6400 any my fps is like 70 most of the times my fps ingame is 65 to 60 and i have 1 tb harddrive i was planning to buy SSD

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