[DAY 1 SOLO] PUBG Invitational 2017 NO BREAKS ALL GAMES - Gamescom with twitch chat!

First Game: 39:20
Second Game: 1:29:05
Third Game: 2:14:57
Welcome to Gamescom! This is the first day featuring 3 games all of which were recorded with twitch chat by yours truly. I also cut all the breaks, ads, etc. not to waste your precious time.
For those who missed PUBG Invitational 2017, my channel will have every stream available in highest quality possible and without removed messages in chat. This is day 1.

Information taken from the wiki:
What is the Gamescom Invitational?
80 of some of the game’s best players, online influencers and people in attendance at Gamescom in Cologne, Germany will take place in a variety of competitive modes in the game’s first-ever LAN event. The tournament will run from August 23 to August 26, with $350,000 USD filling up the prize pool. The tournament itself will last four days and will include gameplay modes such as Solo Mode, Duo Mode, Duo First-Person Perspective and Squad Mode. After three matches, the best overall scores will determine the winners of each type.

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  • KlutchKwonDo

    This female commentator is pretty annoying

  • Parker

    This bitch is so annoying. If you're not winning you can't have fun? What?

  • Kane Nope

    YEAH play gay 3 person stupid shity tard camping roof as he lay down and watching whocomes around. Fucking morons 3d person mod.

  • Chase Morrison

    Why is there already competitive in an unfinished game?

  • Ben Giles

    Camera man should be shot, why aren't the casters controlling it?

  • Good Luck

    finally a game without peenoise

  • ThisIsn'tWhat YouThinkItIs

    How did bluehole get away with the red bull can. Red bull are ruthless when it comes to using there name and likeness

  • lucky jay

    Please FIRE THAT CAMERA MAN!!!He is careless about the gameplay, doesn't show the action and replacing him with a computer that does the basic job would be better.


    Any1 else remember the girl commentator from csgo?

  • Ryan McDonough

    Wow thank god you kept the chat becuase that is useful...

  • J

    I feel like video games should have calm commentators like in golf or tennis. Not this phony overhyped shit like in real sports

  • Noctis Lucis

    does anyone know which part whereby the staffs are crawling on the floor?

  • John Jayson Domingo

    Best Camera operator ever.

  • William Henson

    WHO ARE THESE CASTERS?!? THEY ARE THE WORST! Both super annoying....

  • YAY123

    Did shroud play in squads?

  • Omgilovesteak

    That lady is a hamburger.

  • Ben Giles

    I wanna know what settings they were using?

  • Life ISGOOD

    This bitch needs to shut the fuck up

  • Jacob Y

    The korean girls translations are off.In the last interview with Evermore, he didnt say he tried to play defensively.He knew it was a point system based on your rank, so he said he tried to survive and last long as possible.

  • Madzkills

    Some of the worst camera in tournament history. maybe captured 1% of fights. trash

  • Johan Le

    Evermore is a overwatch player

  • KlutchKwonDo

    Such an awkward moment at 21:42....lmfao

  • Juicy Banks

    This fucking British bitch talks way too much shit like she is food at the game if she was in the tournament she probably wouldn't even make top 50

  • Blair Savoie

    Terrible camera control barely see any if the kills

  • Vincent SIerra

    wow this is bad lol.

  • Crypt

    Fun game. Not Esports ready.. 0/10

  • DataSerpent


  • 4gentOr4nge

    This camera man sucks! doesnt do kills!

  • Martin Thuesen

    Cameraman is retarded and should be fired on the spot.. How can you host such an event and have such an clueless idiot controling the cam.. 2 mins of people camping in water..

  • Ben Giles

    Camera man should be shot, why aren't the casters controlling it?

  • Jacob Y

    Also these commentators need to do their homework and research the players entering the tournament. Not just TSM, Liquid and all these CS guys. Sounds really biased when the commentator has no knowledge of any other players and only boasts the usual..

  • Rendel Ligon

    Girl name at 15:46??

  • Davey Jones

    Why the fuck would anybody actually want the twitch chat???? It's all spam and you can barely read it anyway!

  • Nsn Gaming

    I am really looking forward to future events but they definitely need to work on how to broadcast this stuff. Very poor camera control. No kill replays, 10 sec delay to change player PoS. I could keep going on but you get the point....

  • lalala hahha

    that female commentator is so fucking disrespectful and annoying.

  • weasley313

    1:11:19 thats where you can see that 3rd person is just unfair af.. this final would have gone way less one sided if it was 1st person

  • tom shep

    the chat screen is soo annoying wtf did you include it

  • lucky jay

    I got scared by boom's killer.Even though he was pinned down and boom was focusing fire at him with full health from good cover and the advantage of surprise. Still he killed him with one shot!!!!

  • Juicy Banks

    These idiots at blueballs entertainment

  • ZARCE '

    Captions at 1:34:49.music ??

  • Javin Pina

    Who the hell is the girl in the beginning, shes funny af.

  • Blair Savoie

    Honestly, when the one terribly annoying commentator calls out whoever is controlling the camera, you know something is awfully wrong..

  • Accelerate

    39:42StoneMountain64 Going Severny

  • Vercusgames

    Can't believe someone took a mostly bad movie genre (survival) and turned it into a highly entertaining game. Arnold from Running Man would be proud.

  • Rob Mckay

    I cant stand these announcers

  • Lion Bin

    What is monitor's name ?

  • Ias Howle

    Whos the girl in 15:44 .. . I need it for research purposes

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