PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS Xbox Game Preview launch trailer

The battle comes to console, only on Xbox One.

Video with Audio Description:
  • Suresh Kumar

    they just jumped on green screen


    Pilot.if ur not first ur dead last. Me i guess ill land last.

  • Nito Studios

    Fortnite is still better

  • Sketcherboy69

    Were are all the asians

  • Metal sonicX

    T for Teen?Wasn't it M for Mature 8 months ago?

  • André Raineth

    perfect trailer love

  • Georgiy Yugov

    Почему трейлер не 15 fps?

  • DZsquid

    To bad quality is bad but still fun game

  • MLGI Snelgrove

    "YOUR DEAD LAST!"ahahahahahahahahhahahaha

  • Finnish Norwegian Viking

    I love the theme when they jump.

  • Bram e

    The hottest game of the year is definitely Fortnite!

  • Stephen hawking but I'm Alive and not disabled

    "And remember: If you're not first.. You're dead last."

  • Táňa

    Pleas game pubg and xbox 360 pleas pleas

  • Randall Perez channlez2

    Now there doing somthing oh wow

  • U Wot M8

    I got a Fortnite ad on this

  • magic vines

    Doesn't even run on Xbox one X what it will run on Xbox one

  • Blaze 4R

    where's the 10 fps???

  • playsharks sk

    Microsoft thank for xbox and minecraft and PUBG on xbox

  • HeyItsError

    "Hottest game" says the company failing of follow fortnite

  • Il'ya Chemagin

    This should be trailer to the film of PUBG: The Movie

  • Mimikyu_ Petri_Unknown

    I love this, but why PUBG gonna delete Fortnite :(

  • who am i? I'm spiderman

    Man many good stuff has released on my birthday

  • Tequilawatcher 21

    I love those totally non Xbox one graphics in the trailee

  • Rigo Art


  • Ronald Rommel

    For the pla-Nah wait

  • Noah Aguilar

    Hah the hottest game of the year guess who completely destroyed PUBG, Fortnite

  • ToxicHamster YT

    Cant play in the XBOX 360?

  • Powerfulchris07 RBLX

    Fortnite is better in my opinon

  • Zero Diamond

    umm this is like the Japanese trailer for android

  • Fanagamer :v

    falta los graficos xd

  • Paul FitzGerald

    Those 15 frames per second

  • Jhomel Evangelista

    I play PUBG On mobile

  • Mr Guest

    grabs pickaxeTo be continued

  • Trisna Mahananda


  • Dromki

    Fricking love that game

  • Kharn526

    Seriously , no one knows the name of the song ?

  • Xx360noscoopgamerxX Battlefield

    only on xbox. Only On Xbox. ONLY ON XBOX. ONLY ON XBOX! ONLY ON XBOX SORRY PS4😂

  • ketchup bottle

    Thank you for choosing russian air(Who gets that reference)

  • Goldy Sun

    And then Fortnite Battle Royale comes and PubG just dies lmao

  • Uganda Knuckles

    For all of you that still want this song for this video fear not my brothers. For I have found da wae! It's called Echoes by "Click" Nigel Butler!


    trailer fooled us all

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