PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Mobile Announcement Trailer

Here is a Chinese teaser trailer for the mobile version of PUBG for your phone!

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  • Rowby

    directed my micheal bay

  • Egor Egorovich


  • ta sora

    You know >_> <_<

  • Ccel EX

    Is this gunna be free?

  • Rene G

    It's the new battlefield games

  • chapman2001

    Why is it so epic the game is boring af

  • rain metal borsig waffenträger

    жесть у них трейлеры

  • huskey 1919

    Hmmm pubg has mini guns i think not

  • Grath YT

    Is That Will Be Able to Download on Mobile?!

  • Minh Duc Nguyen

    0:19 Its rip off from titanfall 2(Joke)

  • Helios

    The new fucking Max payne mobile version!

  • Red

    This is straight up anime (trailer)

  • vegetable TOTO

    Its true, because tencent is the biggest social company in Asia, also game will be free in China. You probably don’t know that Supercell is now owned by Tencent.

  • willy am

    haha...unlucky this game really for mobile but only in china.....what a bad luck??? guys we just can only sit n watch while chinese peoples play this great games.....hahaha

  • James Jordan

    Fucking chinese cunts

  • BpImperial

    Better have controller support

  • matsta177

    Fucking most stereotypical dumb Asian trailer for this game. I'm surprised they don't all have dumb big glossy eyes as well and theirs some sort of pop soda being sold with a Asian rock pop band. -_-

  • Minded Stream46

    Lol rules of survival is actually still better

  • Aura Of Immortality Music

    Why the fuck do they have to ruin everything?

  • Diego Shadow

    Awesome Trailers lol

  • walker2006au

    milk more $ before even fixing first game

  • StudPro Gaming

    I have this game lol

  • Rodrigo McTusk

    This theme version is insane. Should be the official for the launch on PC.

  • Exzerno

    does this mean no Chinese players on regular PUBG?

  • Kenshin Isaiah Joshua Villamor Aguilar

    PUBG rip off is already out. Its called Rules of Survival.

  • Deafidue

    Here is a Chinese teaser trailer for the mobile version of PUBG for your phone!

  • Kondo87

    So suddenly all girls have miniskirts?

  • Weeb Station

    Watch the quality drop tenfold the moment this touches a mobile phone though.

  • Disco Chomper 147


  • moostix

    i cant even run pubg on my pc and they put it on mobile

  • TheDudeGuy

    China No. 1Sorry I can't help myself

  • ddappo #

    텐센트답게 트레일러는 존나잘뽑았네 ㅋㅋㅋ

  • 邦哥

    Today, however, 2017 Tencent TGC Carnival heavy information struck early today, Tencent vice president of games Huang Lingdong addition to the announcement of the PUBG national service on the carnival, but also released the day by the United States studio and photon studio authorized Bluehole Joint research and development and production of genuine chicken hand tour and genuine eat chicken tour name is also officially announced, namely "Jedi survival: universal attack" and "Jedi survival: stimulation battlefield" these two, just look at the name Xiaobian Already know that it is really genuine.

  • Rotten Dub

    Misleading level = 9999

  • DTearLesS

    there 2 gamefirst is focus on air fighting and boat fightsecond is originally pc version

  • Blood Jacket

    how the fck that all vehicle come fro ? such as gatling gun, battle ship, and battle air plane !

  • Red Hunter117

    Lol mobile>>>>>>ps4 😂😂

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