Subaru WRX Wagon Build Progress

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  • amo lie

    LOL. . Rules for passsenger. .

  • Jacob West

    needs morettes! Hard to find though :/

  • Neil Sayers

    you shld def do the sedan front wnd it males it so gorgous i did on mine wanted 2 do the back but didnt have that much time hahaha

  • TheIconicBmx

    Someone's trying to copy someone else 😂

  • ohshititsmicky

    I seen that celica/Supra in the thumbnail and had to click on this asap. Good shit, no talking, just straight into it! Can't wait to see more 👍🏼

  • SpiritDriftZ

    I still prefer ginguim's wagon even tho is his selling it

  • Prometheus

    ricer...oh god you ruined a perfect WRX...

  • Two Idiots²

    Love me some Scoob footage

  • Nathan Machado

    Had your headlight been restored again after the first time you did it ?

  • gonçalo silva

    Do more videos like this

  • MesserAaron13

    i wouldve just taken the headlights out when restoring them but you still got the job done

  • RidoxWuzHere Youtube

    I prefer the 2004 subarus than bug eye subarus

  • Daniel Huegel

    DUUUUDEE! IT ALMOST LOOKS THE SAME TO GINGIUM'S WRX! well..... before he sold it.......

  • Scooby [GD]

    i love all subies but the blob is the best!

  • michael benson

    love the passenger dash sticker need to get me one 😂

  • louis santiago

    Looks so much like gingiums old subie but hella fresh ( ik gingiums was a Hawkeye)

  • Mac Lobster

    really think it needs a new front lip. that clip part in the middle looks so cheap.really needs some light wheel spacing too

  • Aloha Snackbar Company

    Oh cool my dad has that pioneer radio in his 67 mustang coupe. He restored it and made the inside newer while keeping the classic feel to the engine and cosmetics

  • Mario

    damn almost as nice as gingiums wrx

  • Black Swan

    nice video, song sucks tho.

  • Cherios

    @2:07 what happened to the hood? ..looks like the clear coat came off or something

  • EthanAllDay

    I put a light bar exact spot on my wagon like a month ago love!

  • Lorenzo Regali

    Good job and very nice car!! Greetings from Italy.

  • The Xan Kami

    Pretty nice build. I love it!

  • The Xan Kami

    literally my next door neighbor is napa I'm finally 16 working on getting my license and getting a job gathering up son money buying a bugeye wrx wagon then when I get a real job save up and buy my dream car a 2006 Subaru Impreza wrx sti awd turbo! God I love that car and maybe eventually getting a 1998 2jz Supra.

  • Frank Chen

    do you have a link to the song? please <3

  • Lil Uzi Vert

    I hated this car but it's really grown on me me and now I really like it

  • jacjusti

    Very clean, what gauges are those?

  • Oscar Gomez

    This vid was boring as shit


    Your car is sick like a good way

  • PowerbandPapi

    Where u get the hid from

  • MK customs

    Where did you get those roof racks at?

  • Purple worx

    Amazingly simple&really nice

  • Brandon Goins

    damn it man! i wish we hadnt just got hit i our suby wrx wagon

  • Jorge Olague

    Dope video man!! quick question what year is this subie?


    It looks a bit ricey

  • Carl Berg

    Takes the roof rails off just to put on a sedan roof rack lmao what??

  • Ryan Bialorucki

    what kind of roof rack is that

  • george dj

    Where u get that lip for the wagon ? Or custom made one ? I can’t seem to find any lips for it

  • andy

    Will insurance be high on this ?

  • Alan Escio

    Nice build, I like the celica supra at the back too!

  • Neil Sayers

    o man wut i eould do 2 habe ure car...i had the same exact color and everything cple yrs ago..4inch carbon fiber hood scoop blue and yellow fogs check ot out type in neil sayers and youll c it.think theres 3 videos of it.the one in the p lot is best:) i have an 11 wrx hatch now but man i miss my 02 wagon

  • Dominiek Broers

    looks a little bit like the subi wagon as gingium

  • Cason Smith

    Did u paint your wheels? If so what paint did u use? Grimspeed?

  • Jordan P

    Nice build! Hope you tuned it after the exhaust was put on, it will overboost!

  • bradstercivic

    Isn’t that technically a hatchback?

  • MSanti98

    Legit thought this was Nike, got mad excited for a second xD

  • JonathanStone1 JShoe

    What size are those BBSs'. Are they 5x110 or 5x114.3 and did u need an adapter?

  • thejacker 565

    that front lip is from the sedan version? fit fine or you have to modified?

  • Curly g

    I really wouldn't consider this a build... more of just refurbishing the car. But yeah it looks better then it did before

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