EOTech Holographic Sight Unboxing and Overview (Holo Sight vs Red Dot Sight)

2015 Aimpoint vs EOTech Update: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5g7O3kVzLhE
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Gameplay recorded with Avermedia Live Gamer HD
Edited with Sony Vegas 12
Commentary recorded with Blue Snowball Ice USB microphone
Live action video recorded with Samsung Galaxy S3
  • mordern modes

    Anyone because pubg?

  • scuttle06

    everytime i play a shooting game the eotech sight always runs out of battery

  • OfficialSteveCraft29// OSC29

    The sound of you putting the batteries sounds like someone eating something

  • George Emad

    is that a real gun or its gaming gun?

  • Supremo

    Who needs this, if you got aimbot

  • GoldenRony 13

    The dislikes are for sure child protective service employees 😂

  • 突击手 王哥

    Bruh you cheap as hell don’t talk China cheap neegah

  • SomeYoutubePerson 0

    i think of the reflex sight in bo3

  • Ray Legend !

    I’m jus a gamer dude . English plz


    Admit it if you play PUBG the you know that red dot sight is definitely better that the holographic sight

  • Không Tên

    where did you buy this gun?

  • SteveXander playz

    I can make my own with glass and red marker ez!

  • jaimit vala

    Any PUBG gamer here????

  • Ray Legend !

    I did not know sights worked like that

  • -Scou1-

    This is my favorite sight on pubg

  • Authentic _

    Dat som gud red dot sightGot that from pubg xD

  • over dose

    Looks pretty but not enough for a chicken dinner.....

  • H0T PISTONS 16

    I love red dot #pubg

  • Nuno

    so what do you recommend to shoot the people that bully me? I also have been using a made in china optic but I have gotten a large sum of money ever since I killed my family, been looking to upgrade

  • Youtube Central

    You sound like a kid with gun

  • Ramon Buenaflor

    Lucky you, you got a holographic sight.

  • 21Riley2006 Lu

    That is the exact same as pubg

  • Addygamer 1123

    Who PUBG gamer here!

  • Kucik Kucik

    I prefer the red dot rather than hollow.. of cause in PUBG. I don't have gun license 😂

  • Milind Mehrotra

    Let's move to d rooftop.. I'm in his crosshair 😀😂

  • TheLostBOI

    I don't know much about these guns but i think iron sights are the best because i think they are the most accurate

  • smwd suck my wiggley dick

    Real gun or Airsoft Gun?

  • HeyIt'sLucas

    That's the sight used in battle royale of crossfire legends. I still wonder why did they didn't used iron sights

  • Bloodmoon Angel

    Just like in the simulations

  • Charlie 619

    Pubg brought me here

  • Jerico Kiko

    Is this pubg real life


    That sniper flash hider on the left tho

  • Shoax l

    If you have high graphics on pubg you actually see EO tech on holo sight

  • Nileshwar Bhaumik

    Think in the middle of match the batteries run out in PUBG.....Dude 1: no 1 i am out of battery...No.1: refill it here take it dropped 2 of them..Dude1 : thanks dude..😂😂😂

  • Roblox EnderDZN301

    Were u loot tht thingI alway ffind 2x i cant even find a red dot xD

  • Break Free

    Thats pretty fucking cool

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