PUBG: Funny & WTF Moments (Miramar Special)

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Clip 1: hudzg

Clip 2: Mcluvin_

Clip 3: Interrogate

Clip 4: wtcNN

Clip 5: alanzoka

Clip 6: BreaK

Clip 7: Crendor

Clip 8: CyanidePlaysGames

Clip 9: Castoreh

Clip 10: Dethridge

Clip 11: Espenw

Clip 12: flipperone2012

Clip 13: AnomalyXd

Clip 14: morberplz

Clip 15: Fugglet

Clip 16: Iam_chappie

Clip 17: Interrogate


Clip 19: Forsenlol

Clip 20: jSPANG

Clip 21: Last_Grey_Wolf

Clip 22: Last_Grey_Wolf


Clip 24: BeagsAndJam

Clip 25: Mad_Ruski

Clip 26: nax_sb

Clip 27: Paragusrants

Clip 28: shroud

Clip 29: shroud

Clip 30: SnakeRogers

Clip 31: The_Bearded_Sparrow

Editing by Dream & HoHoJoe
  • Kebab Remover

    Dumb ass bitch streamer stop streaming if you can't aim, bitch

  • jamestaylorxbl

    Yeah and I bet you'll have to pay for the new map when it releases on xbox

  • Ikhlas Aljarahi

    I feel sorry for that guy 😢

  • Colin S

    legend says they will pin you if youre early🌚

  • Zak R

    Best montage so far!

  • OM

    its so disgusting to see how many "player" have to stream-

  • Tanuktun

    rock rock rock... rock rock XD

  • Junkman Juggalo

    When he hit the stop sign... it is a stop sign dingus! It stopped ya didnt it?

  • Srg Fkct

    Yikes. When something kinda funny happens, and you exhale a bit louder when you usually do, but the streamers just start dying from laughter. Cringe af.

  • Campfire Douglas

    titty streamers suck shit at pubg

  • ProfessorButts

    That chick is terrible

  • Kyle C

    Last wolf ginger guy is the biggest virgin I’ve ever seen

  • Noah Harrison

    Why is the guy killing Afks even featured though

  • Vurtnux

    The double Pan action 👌

  • DG

    What the hell happened on that Forsen clip?

  • CringeIsReal133

    If we had a clip that recorded something crazy and wanted it to be on a video, how do we send it

  • Luna Sofie

    You know she plays for attention when she doesn't even know she is hitting the ground.

  • Bev Teatro

    LOOOOL at the last 2nd last one 😭😂😂

  • Yes, you heard me

    I fucking hate the new map

  • Arda Akduygu

    ferit için as bayrakları

  • espenwalm

    When you realize you're in a video with 500k views. :o

  • zzeronerzz

    The one with the girl shooting the rock almost made me cut this video off.

  • Katrina Bate

    Hahhahhahhahahhhahahahha lol

  • Kinga Horváth

    Subscribe to me❤❤😂😂 Pls 😍😍

  • Samantha love

    Pubg mobile special?

  • Vitor Hugo

    OOhh This not BRKSEDU is ALANZOKA

  • Y34RZERO

    Why do I get the ad for the autistic fucker screeching to watch him stream.

  • ZortLF2

    Why do people drive in first person? Can't frickin tell what their vehicle is doing.

  • hsoj

    "Let's go" is so cringe, just stop

  • Adam

    look my miramare in my video :D XD

  • NotBad NotWorse

    Detto detto detto det to detto dettto

  • Alan Strange

    Melhor parte a risada do Alan. Kkkkk

  • MagophieGamer

    I thought the red zone before sounded scary. They updated the sound of the red zone and now it sounds like a horror film

  • Luca Guida

    Fortnite is more fun

  • Bianos agar

    Feritte çıkmış aq ülkede baya ilerleme war

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