MIRAMAR - What You Need To Know Before The Xbox One Test Server!

The Miramar test server is set to hit Xbox next Tuesday, April 24th, so I thought I'd throw together a video with some information that will help you understand the basics before jumping out of the plane.

With the new map will come new weapons, vehicles, and strategies. If you want to get a jump on the Xbox competition, maybe check out some PC players playing on twitch or Youtube, to get more familiar with the map. You'll be able to download the PUBG Test Server for Xbox via the Xbox Live Store on April 24th.

I hope this video was helpful, and you found it useful, if so hit the like button, and subscribe for more PUBG content for the Xbox One!

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  • aMcSpank

    It says it would be avalible on xbox one 5pm pacific time, it's 10:40 eastern time so 6:40 pacific time and It says the server it still offline. Wtf man

  • Boris 15

    Next Tuesday we get Miramar on Xbox One! Are you excited to finally try out a new map?

  • Bosh _

    I haven't been able to play this map on the Xbox x yet does anyone know why?

  • Pubg Sofie

    This game is awesome and so is this map. Haven't been able to play it yet since I'm overseas but totally excited. Add Miss Grandma if you want to play . Need friends to play with.

  • FalloutReaper

    How do you play the new map? Is randomly chosen between the two maps or how does it work?

  • Jordan Massie

    When will it not be a test server? Like when will it actually be added to the game?

  • Alejandro Vasquez

    Will the map be free o dlcm

  • Mtndewgang

    Its a big map, you will get lost more easier, vehicles are essential for bigger circles.

  • Colonel Boris. THOT PATROL

    Nice to know that I'm not the only boris out there

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