PUBG WTF Funny Moments Highlights Ep 81 (playerunknown's battlegrounds Plays)

PUBG WTF Funny Moments Highlights Ep 81 (playerunknown's battlegrounds Plays)
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IMPORTANT Hi, I am trying to create a PUBG community with this channel and also make little streamers known. If you appear in the video and you don't want to, please, contact me and i will solve it! Thank you so much!

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  • Br3akabl3

    1:50 poor guy plays in 4:3 and not even getting 60fps, :(

  • Abnormally

    Good Russian channel.

  • Ridiculous Music

    Holy shit the fps @1:38

  • Tivoliterror

    Why are videos going on repeat? last clip i've seen in one of your previous videos...

  • Sunshine Vanilla

    stop re-using clips you could resist it before, resist it now and dont put the same clips from 2 videos before into your new vids.

  • xHD DHx

    Eso de bajarse de los coches sin morir lo intentas tu luego y mueres....

  • timatydalert

    Eligorko на 1:00 самый достать момент в ролики

  • MrAndreyMC

    Лёха ЕББАААААТЬ!!!!!

  • BastiRico

  • Tolya Chesnokov

    Как они делают синюю кровь?!

  • Fyeris

    Awesome video. Solo Pistol Only Win - FPP. Enjoy! :)

  • Ángel San Martín

    The most of the clips are related to car bugs, this should be called "Race of the early acess PUBG"

  • DanMcSharp

    06:55 this must have been scary AF for the other guy!

  • sucheol lee

    srsly you don't need to fill up 10 mins everyday coz its getting boring and not even funny at all. are those bugs funny? na

  • Hunter

    Gotta love pubg and its glitches

  • Rules of survival Funny moments and more

    Your channel mine as well be a foreign language channel lmao

  • DarkPacMan117

    1:39 when your PC is beyond garbage

  • Biquette !

    Y'a Terracid j'suis mort !!

  • Thanos

    1:55 anyone play this game in this graphics you are so noobs and idiots wooden pcsssss


    Есть РУССКИЕ в комментария? если да то лайк)

  • Ferrum 720

    Кемба7-Да это жестко!

  • bezinho

    Thank you !!! @bezinhow here!!! Thanks for support!

  • Wunderbar

    Why is the blood blue in so many Asian streamers videos? Is the game censored in China or whatever?

  • Lord Dickerson

    sometimes i wish, only if i could understand what they are saying ._.

  • Altranate

    If anyone half decent wants play some PUBG duos please add me on Discord. Expensive #2568

  • ElitePUBG - Funny Moments

    Жаль, что это не русскоязычный канал.

  • *+-野良猫-+*


  • OOF Meter

    1:51 the true potato pc

  • Patrickmw23

    what are all those russian morons doing here in the comments? go back to mother russia and dont fcking get on my nerves with ur stupid ass letters!

  • Saar Merzel

    nice videp1:55 whats interesting about this clip?

  • Ian Zepeda

    este video merece like por que aparecio el GOD lindsan

  • DamonXN Studio

    Ещё и подобие Папича показали (Кембу 777)Найс рофелы конечно

  • Sensa Chaudhary

    Hack game easily with this!!

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