Проверка пинга в pubg


PUBG Гайд для новичка #1 // Настройка игры

PUBG Гайд для новичка #1 // Настройка игры Конкурс на 3 ключа для PUBG:
Сайт для проверки пинга: pubg.disquse/

Параметры запуска Steam:
-high -maxMem=7000 (ставить под свою конфигурацию оперативной памяти) -refresh 144 (герцовка монитора) -malloc=system -USEALLAVAILABLECORES -force-feature-level-11-0

1 Серия выпусков PUBG для новичка, в нем вы узнаете про такие аспекты игры как Настройка игры, как узнать пинг, управление.


ИНТЕРЕСНЫЕ САЙТЫ | КАЛЬКУЛЯТОР УРОНА | СПАВН ЛУТА | ПИНГ | PUBG Игровой паблик PUBG - vk/game_battlegrounds
Группа VK - goo/nMAe8U
Стрим - goo/dgraJo
Дискорд - discord.gg/A7TbNxt

Узнать пинг - goo/mHR8tS
Карта лута - goo/mwJWS4
Калькулятор урона - goo/PMxaF4

Где найти лут? Как найти машину? Сколько выстрелов из дробовика сможет выдержать шлем 3 уровня? Сколько пинг на европе? С Данными сайтами больше не появится таких вопросов)PLAYERUNKNOWNS BATTLEGROUNDS или же PUBG, а для некоторых ПУБГЕ - это шутер в котором выигрывает последний оставшийся в живых участник. Начиная игру ни с чем, вы должны раздобыть оружие и припасы чтобы бороться за первое место и стать последним героем

PUBG: Funny Voice Chat Moments Ep. 1

PUBG: Funny Voice Chat Moments Ep. 1 Funny voice chat / proximity chat moments in PUBG Funny moments are ensured

Featured streamers in this video: Shroud, TimTheTatman, Banana Man.

This episode features a lot of stream snipers but also regular players.
(Known stream snipers in this video: Doom Father, xtrilo123, FreakDevil, Hired_Hit_Man, Wadu Hek, Troqz, Banana Man, Kezut)

Funny moments are ensured

Check out Shrouds Twitch at:

Check out Shrouds YouTube at:

Check out Shrouds Twitter at:

Check out TimTheTatmans Twitch at:

Check out TimTheTatmans YouTube at:

Check out TimTheTatmans Twitter at:

Check out Bananamans Twitch at:

Check out Bananamans YouTube at:

Check out Banana Mans Twitter at:

PUBG como saber que ping tengo en cada servidor? saber detalles de las armas y descripcion del K/D

PUBG como saber que ping tengo en cada servidor? saber detalles de las armas y descripcion del K/D pagina para detectar el ping en PUBG: cloudping.info

pagina detalles armas/modificadores: vandal/guias/guia-playnknowns-battlegrounds/armas

bienvenidos en PUBG se usan servidores de amazon.o saber que ping tengo en cada servidor??aprendemos tambin a saber detalles de las armas del juego y sus modificadores y tambin damos una descripcin del K/D y que es el mismo, aparte la importancia a nivelpetitivo que tiene dentro de launidad del juego

Mi Ordenador

Procesador core i7 7700k
Disipador Cooler MarterHyper 212 plus
Tarjeta de video MSI aero GTX 1080 8GB
Fuente de poder themaltake SMART m850W 80Plus Bronce.
Disco duro SD 125 GB + 2 HDD de 1TB Y 2TB
16GB de RAM Corsair ddr4
Tarjeta madre as Z270X-GAMING 5

PUBG Proximity Chat VOICE CHANGER (Funny Moments)

PUBG Proximity Chat VOICE CHANGER (Funny Moments) Golden Voice presents his abilities to alter his voice to create some hilarious moments with teammates and proximity chat in Player Unknown Battlegrounds. Some of his famous characters consist of Morgan Freeman, Herbert the Pervert, and Michael Buffer

Want more? More funny moments with Golden youtube/watch?v=1-CnO7aDUR8

GOLDEN VOICE: youtube/channel/UCL_ATC9xPuBimQW3mRahCFw
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PUBG CHEAT ILI SAMO VELIKI PING?! Udarite po lajku i pretplatite se na kanal ukoliko vam se svideo klip

Kupite igrice po izuzetno povoljnim cenama

Instant Gaming (DeniYT - 70%)

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PUBG XBOX ONE X GAMEPLAY + First Impressions

PUBG XBOX ONE X GAMEPLAY + First Impressions PUBG Xbox One X Gameplay and First Impressions. I just got a code for this so I thought I would check it out. The gameplay is faithful to the PC version but its very rough around the edges at the moment. Leave a LIKE and your thoughts below, thanks for watching. Join my Discord: discord.gg/jackfrags Connect with me:


PUBG - How did he see me? (ping affects perspective?)

PUBG - How did he see me? (ping affects perspective?) This happened to me the other day as I was playing Solo FPP on NA servers.

I live in New Zealand, so the rmended region is OCE (50 ping), however we do not have FPP servers and I am forced to play on NA, which is the second best location (160-220 ping.

As you can see in the video, I saw the other player inside the garage, he seemed to have been looking slightly away from me.
However, after a few seconds he shot in my direction despite me not seeing him on my screen whatsoever.
He then proceeds to kill me in what looks like a prefire.

Is this really what happens, or am I being ping fucked and I dont see him when he sees me?

PUBG vs. H1Z1 - What's the difference? | The Leaderboard

PUBG vs. H1Z1 - What's the difference? | The Leaderboard Player Unknown is the master of battle arena games and his latest two triumphs Battlegrounds and H1Z1: KOTK go head to head in thisparison video. Join Jacob and The Leaderboard as wepared the differences, similarities and fan impact of these streaming sensations

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Hosted by: Jacob Atkinson
Edited by: Steven Burgess
Written by: Chris Cimi

Produced by: Adrian Apolonio, Jesse Gouldsbury, Carrie MillerMusic Provided by:
ES_Agent Puzzle - Magnus Ringblom
ES_Awaiting Backup 3 - Magnus Ringblom
ES_ExperiMental 3 - Gunnar Johnsen
ES_Machine Inc 4 - Gunnar Johnsen
ES_Maximum Tension 3 - Hakan Eriksson
ES_Particle Emission 3 - Patrik Almkvisth
ES_Unfoldings 3 - Gunnar Johnsen

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PUBG Обучение Урок№0 : Запуск PUBG

PUBG Обучение Урок№0 : Запуск PUBG Добрый день,Рекруты,в честь Российского дня учителя,запускаю новую рубрику на канале по обучению игроков.Начнем с азов.
Урок 0 будет о всем том,что нужно сделать до нажатия кнопки PLAY.
Напишите в комментариях на какую тему вы бы еще хотели обучение
Ссылка на проверку PING по серверам : ping.pubattlegrounds/

How To Check Your FPS And PING In PUBG!

How To Check Your FPS And PING In PUBG! Check and improve your FPS and PING with this simple step by step guide.

Check Your Ping: pubg.disquse/

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PUBG Update - Cheating Fixed, High Ping Players Gone, Flashbangs removed.

PUBG Update - Cheating Fixed, High Ping Players Gone, Flashbangs removed. Hey there, today well be discussing the latest update in player unknowns battlegrounds, we get great things, if youre a fan of the game youll bead to hear we no longer have to deal with some of the dirty cheater using lag switches among other stuff.

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PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Best Settings - FPS Optimization Guide (Increase FPS 60+)

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Best Settings - FPS Optimization Guide (Increase FPS 60+) Heres a guide to show you the best Battlegrounds settings for high fps. These settings will boost your fps and improve your game

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WINNING WITH 1000 PING - Last Battleground Survival (PUBG at Android)

WINNING WITH 1000 PING - Last Battleground Survival (PUBG at Android) If you did enjoy the video, please smash that like button, subscribe if youre new to this channel because i uploaded a cool gameplay video :D

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FIX all STUTTERING and LAG in PUBG! - Battlegrounds Lag Fix/Boost FPS

FIX all STUTTERING and LAG in PUBG! - Battlegrounds Lag Fix/Boost FPS Lag and stuttering sucks Lets get rid of it and improve our FPS for PLAYERUNKNOWNS BATTLEGROUNDS Also helps with the lag when opening inventory

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Reduce Lag in PUBG - Haste


Haste fixes lag in games, providing you with a faster, more stable inte connection to your games. Hastes superior connection reducesmonwork problems such as stuttering, disconnects,bber banding and other issues associated with high ping, jitter and packet loss. See more at haste

To get started, please update your Haste client with the latest version. Download here: haste/download-haste/.

If you do not have a Haste account and want to try PUBG with Haste optimization, click here for a free two week trial: account.haste/my-account/?hm=register

Read this article on how to reduce lag in PLAYERUNKNOWNS BATTLEGROUNDS - haste/2017/11/27/reduce-lag-playnknowns-battleground/

Sign up for a free trial today -- account.haste/my-account/?hm=register

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Smile by Vexento youtube/user/Vexento
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Reduce Choke, Lag, Lower Latency and Ping Internet Tweaks for Gaming

Reduce Choke, Lag, Lower Latency and Ping Internet Tweaks for Gaming This Video shows how to tweak your ethe settings to help lower latency, ping, lag and choke. More Information Below

ARP Offload- disable
Auto Disable Gigabit- disable
Energy Efficient Ethe- disable
Flow Control- disabled (can be buggy if enabled)
Green Ethe- disabled
Header Data Split- enabled
Intept Moderation- disable (lower ping)
IPv4 Checksum Offload- disable (lowered ping)
Jumbo Frame- disabled itchy if enabled)
Large Send Offload v2 (IPv4)- disabled (sporatic if enabled)
Large Send Offload v2 (Ipv4)- disabled (sporatic if enabled)
Maximum Number of RSS Queues- highest number
Network Address- no changes
NS Offload- disable
Priority & VLAN- disabled
Receive Buffers- highest number
Receive Side Scaling- enabled (uses all processors)
Shutdown Wake-On-Lan- disabled
Speed & Duplex- highest number full duplex
TCP Checksum Offload (IPv4)- disabled
TCP Checksum Offload (IPv6)- disabled
Transmit Buffers- highest number
UDP Checksum Offload (IPv4)- disabled
UDP Checksum Offload (IPv4)- disabled
Wake on Magic Packet- disabled
Wake on Pattern Match- disabled
WOL & Shutdown Link Speed- not speed down

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PUBG LLLLEEEEEEEEGGGGGGGGIIEEEEE DER PING Let's Play Playerunknown's Battleground German #002

PUBG LLLLEEEEEEEEGGGGGGGGIIEEEEE DER PING Let's Play Playerunknown's Battleground German #002 #PUBG #Playnknowns #Battlegrounds #Raist
#Ranked #EU #kingofthekill #multiplayer #German
#LetsPlay #Gameplay #Battleroyale #PvP

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The Latency/High ping problem in PUBG

The Latency/High ping problem in PUBG Clip of Post Malone talking about what probably is a latency issue that seems to him like a cheating issue on the H3 podcast: youtu.be/zGTqo-3efTg

Theres probably a lot of other players like him that dont know how latency work and think that theres still a lot of cheaters in pubg.
Either way, this needs to get fixed as it hurts both the onlinepetitive and casual scene.

Please get this to bluehole so that the game can be better, fairer and more fun. Thanks you